Freenode founder died, family in debt

I was frozen for a few moments when I read the news.
Rob Levin died at age of 50 on 16 September, when a car hit him on 12 September. He left behind a wife and a children, Benjamin.

No prejudice / cynical remarks on him not wearing helmet please; I didn’t wear one when I was cycling in Birmingham – the helmet belt was choking me and I wasn’t able to find one which doesn’t. I’m sure Rob has a good reason too.
I ended up taking emptier routes – Birmingham’s canals sports only people and cyclist, no cars. Rob seems to has no choice on this aspect.

I have a family and kid(s) too, so I’m very sad to find out that they’re (quite deep) in debt. The fact that their son, Benjamin, suffers from ADHD doesn’t help the situation. Yes, I read a lot from his blogs and website tonight.

And, some people still had to make it more difficult for them, by spreading lies about Rob. Unbelieveable, but part of me is happy that Rob is now free from these bullies.

Rob has dedicated 12 years of his life for Freenode. For this duration, he lived in poverty. Yet he believed in it, and persisted. He helped grew Freenode from 3000 users service to more than 30000 users; profiting many open source projects in the process. We may owe this man more than we know.

Rest in peace Rob. You deserved it.

I’ll register a monthly donation through his spinhome website, to help support his family a bit. If you can as well, please do. It’s the least we can do now for him.

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