Annisa, an Indigo Child from Indonesia

At a glance, Annisa Rania Putri doesn’t seem to be a special girl. Born on 1999, there was nothing special on her birth as well, except that she was born though Caesarian operation. However, when she spoke on an audience on Tuesday, 17 October in Jakarta, everyone’s jaw was on the floor.

To see an Indonesian speaking fluently in English, especially at an age of only 6 years old, is quite something. But I’m sure you’ll say “impossible !” when I declared that this girl also speaks Korean, Arabic, and Dutch. Yet, this is the case here.

In Padepokan Toha, Jakarta; hundreds of people were mesmerized by the speech delivered by this indigo child. She advised people, decades older than her, to fast (this was the month of fasting for Muslims, Ramadhan). This is because fasting will cause people to love each other. As it spreads, peace will prevail. “With fasting, we can get rid of our negative energy, and develop the positive energy which is love”, said Annisa in English.

In her childish style, she continued her messages. People must not lie, she said. To those who already had this as a habit, they must try to be honest from now on. Fasting can help too with this.
“Do not lie, because once you lied, you will keep doing it until you’re old”, she said.

Delivering awesome speech is not her only special ability. She can also design house — she designed a 4 story house in Kelapa Gading area, Jakarta. With no formal education in architecture whatsoever.
She can also build her own computer and operate it.

Accoding to Mrs Yenni, her mother, Annisa’s special abilities began to show around October 2002. She claimed to see a big flower close to their home, but Mrs Yenni couldn’t see anything.

Annisa then started to call her by her name (this is highly unusual in Indonesia).
“(It’s OK,) I’m older than Yenni anyway”, said Annisa.

Hopefully the future will be only even better for Annisa. Congratulations to her family !

Source: Tribun Timur newspaper

18 thoughts on “Annisa, an Indigo Child from Indonesia

  1. The speech was in English 🙂 she also refused to speak Indonesian in the Q & A session.
    And the fact that a 6 years old managed to grasp some of the rather hidden meaning of fasting, it’s quite something. Especially when her elders are freely breaking fast all the time instead, heh.

  2. indigo child is rather a vague term.

    A woman, Rosini, came to me a few months ago, and said I was an indigo. The question is “what is indigo”?

    When she made a small party and invited a group of people (most are 30s, then 20s adult and then two children), my sister and I tried to find an answer of “what is indigo”. Actually, I didn’t know my sister had the same curiousity as I did. After we left the party in the next day, we compared and both of us agreed, indigo was a vague term.

    I had to admit, people who were invited and me myself had a lot of similarity. We were rebels, we hated how other people misunderstood us, we hated how the simple things (for us) could not be apprehended by others. But still, I didn’t understand why it had to be called “indigo”.

    My sister investigated further. She found inconsistency such as the indigo’s aura didn’t have to be indigo. Then, how can you define someone as indigo? You can’t just walk away to troubled 20s years old and say “I can see that you’re an indigo”.

    And let me be skeptic in Annisa’s case.
    A child good in english nowadays is not unusual especially with a lot of english references (DVDs, Musics, Books). Never think they only learn from their parents. And the same argument goes to how she could say what usually only a matured person could.

    In fact, I always disagree with phrase “he/she is only a child”. I always disagree when someone said “such thing could not be understood by children”. There are, indeed, some phase of development, but the duration of each phase can be different.

    In the indigo party, I met an elementary school student who had astounding knowledge about dog. And how could he get such knowledge? Learn by himself from internet, just like I used to be, learning from books when I was kid.

    In the same night, I also found that this child had not developed one thing which I had in his age: the ability to fight. I saw their parents were too protective. He was too scared to fight, he was too scared to be wounded or worse, got permanent wound.

    I haven’t met Annisa but I believe she is not much different.

    In my opinion,
    being hypnotized when seeing them is not a wise move. Treat them as adults and when you confront their children’s side, it means you see their undeveloped side. Don’t let those kind of child being exploited by their parents.

    And did you know, when I heard the real-theory about “indigo”, I got feeling de javu. Yup. It similar to Redfield’s Celestine Prophecy.

  3. My son can speak German and Indonesian, (a little bit English and Spanish from Dora hehe) 🙂 he is still 4 years old. He knows many gamelan songs better than me or average Balinesse. Just listen in the first 4 seconds of song he can decide which song it is. He can also imitate “sinden” in wayang orang.

    Is he an Indigo child ? I do not care, every kid is an indigo child.

  4. “Congratulations to her family !”

    Why are you congratulating her family? Is her family responsible for the way she is now (indigo)?

    Sorry, but I don’t understand why you must congratulate them.

  5. IMW – Not every kid is an indigo child. But every kid is a very special child 🙂
    Masindi – for having a child that is, from certain perspectives, better than others.

  6. Lha iya, kok harus di-Congratulation-i. kalo kata temen ustadz yang ‘ajaib’ datang tiba-tiba tanpa proses gitu malah harus hati2,bisa datang dari Alloh (karena kasihsayangNYA) atau dari syetan yang seolah baik padahal mau ‘nglulu’ (bhs jawa, saya nggak tahu bahasa indonesianya) .
    coba baca2 eramuslim di

  7. Apa ada yang tidak seperti demikian ? 🙂
    Jadi kaya – justru musti waspada. Jangan-jangan ini cobaan, atau azab; karena dengan kekayaannya ini kita menjadi terlena dan lupa kepada Allah swt.
    Jadi miskin – lebih perlu waspada lagi. Jangan sampai keimanan kita menjadi korban karena kesulitan hidup.
    Jadi ahli agama – juga tetap perlu waspada. Bisa jadi ini adalah cobaan; apakah kita menjadi sombong karenanya ?
    Dst, termasuk juga mendapatkan “anugrah” (atau, cobaan) berupa indigo child 🙂
    Hidup ini adalah cobaan yang bertubi-tubi, sampai masa tugas kita “selesai”. Life is a struggle.

  8. an amazing little girl, i wish my daughter will have ability like hers. now she’s almost a month old.

  9. I must be one of those whose jaw almost fell off as i was reading about this young girl’s abilities. To many, being able to speak and read a story book is already an achievement at her age. Let alone being able to speak so many languages. I wonder what is so different able the way that she was being raised up. May be, we can learn somethings from her parents.

  10. Dear all,

    am a journalist, and have written about Annisa for several times. the first time i read a local newspaper, putting the story of Annisa for four times, i was not interested at that time. I forgot the exact time, it was in 2004, if i am not mistaken. My editor asked me to cover her for one good story in our chinese newspaper. I was too basically pragmatic, that i don’t want to spend so much times for ‘unsolved, uncertain, unknown,…… story” – but, when i learned about Annisa for several hours, i started to know about her ‘mystery’ – am not regarding the term of ‘indigo’ but there are some statements ticking me such as ‘Yenny, you are not my Mom. My Mom actually comes from Venus” – she said spontaneously while also her two hands busy doing something. There are still some such as the question about sexuality. She said “(my presentation in front of the audience) is stressed on how to solve the problem (for married couples to grasp harmony).” there are still some i made records, but i can not write all to you. (Lius, can be reached by 085286136693, 08174812883)

  11. rasa simpati dan apresiasi untuk anak indigo, harus diperlakukan sama dengan anak biasa, tambahan perhatian dan kasih sayang sangat diperlukan untuk membentuk kepribadian yang baik

  12. well, in Annisa’s case, it’s clear that she’s an indigo. Speakng English or other languages fluently, complete with the accent without learning them directly from natives in year 6, seeing things which other people can’t see, and thinking she’s much older than she is are particular things she posseses. She’s gifted. and the fact that she has indigo aura is only one of the evidences . It’s not wether your child can learn so fast from book and tv. it’s about how s/he gives response to thing and act much more mature than adults themselves. indigo phenomenon is a part of human evolution. it’s the new age we have to face, and these indigo children are new kind of human race. anyway, more than 70 % of children now are identified as indigo. You can read these books for more information :

    The Indigo children – Lee Carrol & Jan Tober
    Understanding Your Life Through Color – Nancy Ann Tappe

    these books are only few of those books which explain about indigo children

  13. wow…gadis yang menakjubkan….apakah benar ini yang dinamakan anak indigo…aneh tapi memang faktanya demikian…apakah mungkin ini bisa fahami dengan nalar kita????

    thnks infonya…

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