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Cheatsheet (CS) is a / several page(s) of condensed information on certain topic, which acts as a quick reference. It’s very handy because it’s just a page with most of the information that you need already there. Remember your cheatsheets back then when you’re still at school ? Amazing isn’t how much information we all managed to cram on so little piece of paper 🙂
It’s basically the same, but these cheatsheet are not for school exams – they’re for life exams : our daily job.

Note that creating a good cheatsheet is no easy task. Some authors have donation links put up on their pages. Therefore, if you found anything useful (eg: saved you lots of time / it’s a lot of convenience / actually saved your butt), consider donating. The authors deserves it.

Here I’ll try to list all (good quality) cheatsheets on IT. If you see something missing, please feel free to comment, and I’ll add it. Thanks.

  1. ActionScript
  2. Apache : As the swiss-army knife of webserver, Apache is indeed very flexible, and has a lot of configuration settings. The result: even seasoned Apache admins will be forced to dig their Apache bibles from time to time to be able to do certain things. The cheatsheets below aim to help them with that.
    • Pete’s Apache CS : basic Apache CS, useful with daily tasks. Not very comprehensive, but should be enough for most.
    • Andrew’s Apache 1.3.x CS : Quite comprehensive, probably the best Apache 1.3.x CS out there.
    • Dave’s mod_rewrite CS : This is one of the most powerful of Apache’s modules. Beginner Apache admins tend to avoid this plugin whenever they can. Some breathes this daily though. All should be able to benefit from this cheatsheet.
    • Jackol’s htaccess CS : nice one !
  3. ASCII codes
  4. ASP : To be honest, I’m no ASP expert. So your suggestions are especially welcome on this.
  5. Blogs
  6. C & C++(aka THE programming language)
  7. CSS (Cascading Syle Sheet) :
  8. Database
  9. Debuggers
  10. Editors
  11. HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) / Web in general :
  12. Java
  13. Javascript :
  14. Microformat : frankly, the first time I heard about Microformat is when I browsed Dave’s excellent website. Looks very interesting.
  15. Perl :
    • The Perl CS : Most will find no reason to look for something else.
    • Catalyst CS : it’s a web application framework for Perl
  16. PHP :
    • Dave’s PHP CS : Not bad, but for something as extensive as PHP, the cheatsheet may need to be more than 1 page long.
  17. Regex (Regular Expressions) : You’re not a true programmer if you have no idea what Regex is. For those wishing to learn it, many found Regex Coach to be a great help.
  18. Ruby on Rails :
  19. Security : somebody actually had the idea to make CS for this ! well done.
  20. UNIX
  21. Utilities : there are numerous utilities out there. Some are very useful, yet rather hard to use (to put it politely). Here are a few CS to help you with it
    • Screen CS : screen is a small UNIX utility which is very useful for remote work – if your connection got disconnected, just reconnect again, and your terminal will be as before you got disconnected.
  22. Version Controls
  23. Web Services
  24. Miscellaneous : other bits still relevant to IT

More links :’ cheatsheet tag.

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