QKLK : MochiKit, Cheap dedicated server, Proxy @ Lighttpd


After reviewing LOADS of Javascript libraries (my head still hurts), I think I’ll settle with MochiKit.
Pros: It doesn’t hack the Object.prototype, seems to interoperate well, very-well tested, reliable & proven, Free (MIT license).
Looking forward to test it with a live website soon.

Dedicated Server for US$ 29 / mo

These guys gotta be kidding, check it out : AMD 2 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 40 GB HD, 200 GB b/w = US$ 29/mo.
I thought it was a VPS, but turned out that this is a real, physical server. Very nice.

Proxy @ Lighttpd

I was trying to utilize Lighttpd’s mod_proxy module, when I realized it’s unable to proxy incoming request to another webserver’s directory.
Example: proxying request for http://harry to http://sufehmi/harry/

However, it seems that the latest version will be able to do this – and more : http://blog.lighttpd.net/articles/2006/07/18/mod_proxy_core-commited-to-svn

Time to upgrade I guess.

10 thoughts on “QKLK : MochiKit, Cheap dedicated server, Proxy @ Lighttpd

  1. itu di serverpronto yah?
    btw server ubuntu-id.org juga disanah!
    tapii gratis gak pake bayarr ehhehehehe

  2. rendy – dua kali saya coba VPS, kedua-duanya bermasalah performanya. Tapi saya memang mencobanya di awal-awal kemunculan VPS. Entah sekarang.
    andy – jadi, serverpronto memang bagus ya ? he he

  3. MaxDedicated.com servers from $69, while supplies last! Servers feature 2.0 GhZ Intel CPU, 512 MB RAM, 2 TB of Transfer and More! Other plans available; we offer dedicated servers to fit every budget and need. All servers feature full root/administrator access.

  4. 29$ for a dedicated server? I bet the support sucks thou! I think will keep with my current dedicated server company Server Intellect and not have to worry if my 29$ server is going to crash.

  5. I work at a company where people play video games for a living and we have been burned by a cheap host. maybe they are the real deal but always ask for current clients, etc.

  6. Just wanna add something here. Need a fast and clean proxy? Try proxy.my

    Unblock friendster, facebook, myspace and even youtube!

  7. It’s an informative post to read out. I have liked the way you have written this. It’s good to hear that now we can get Dedicated Server for just US$ 29 / month. thanks.

  8. Firefox is getting slower and slower. I’m using Google chrome instead, because I find Firefox slower and it’s affecting my work as a content writer.

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