LCP Terminated error

If you’re having problems connecting to the Internet via your mobile phone’s GPRS / 3G connection with “LCP Terminated” error, I think it’s fairly safe to say that you need to put a line like this in your modem’s configuration file :

On Mac :
write “AT+CGDCONT=1,\34IP\34,\\34,\34\34,0,0\13”

On Linux/Windows :

I’m quite sure because my Internet access in my Powerbook suddenly stopped. I kept on getting “LCP Terminated” error message in the PPP’s logfile. I messed around with almost all the settings to no avail – when I realized that the line above is disabled in the config file (doh).
Enabled it, and I got connected straight away…

The most complete APN list is here.
Let me know if you managed to find a better one.

Hope it helps someone.

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5 thoughts on “LCP Terminated error

  1. Saya juga punya masalah serupa, mungkin anda bisa membantu saya
    Saya menggunakan kartu PRO-XL untuk koneksi internet, 2 hari yang lalu saya membeli modem GSM ITEGNO 3000 dengan harga 2 jt an, tapi kok gak bisa di pakai ya??
    kalo saya pakai dengan PRO-XL, selalu gagal dan ada masalah dengan PPP (kalo tidak salah error 734).
    Advice dari windows sudah saya lakukan semua, tapi tetap belum bisa konek.
    Mungkin anda bisa bantu??
    atas perhatiannya saya ucapkan terimakasih.

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