QKLK : Interfaith marriage, Less marriage than ever, and other random interesting links

The number of people getting married has fallen to the lowest level since records began in 1862, figures revealed yesterday, noted The Sun. People are also getting in married in older age; figures from the Office for National Statistics yesterday showed that the average age for men to marry in 2005 was 36.2 and for women it was 33.6.

However, age maturity doesn’t equal behaviour maturity. Survey shows that married couples have about 182 arguments a year.

Bloody hell. No wonder people are avoiding from getting married.

The Dr. Khaleel Mohammed pronounced that inter-faith marriage, even when the husband is non-muslim, is allowed.

I hate to burst his bubble, but I can already spot a flaw in his reasoning – there may be no more of this “people of the book”, whose women are the only non-muslims allowed to marry the muslim men.

The people of the book is called so because they still have the same fundamental believe as Islam – the believe in one God and, of course, have the original book. One like Waraqah, Khadijah’s uncle.

However, such Jews or Christians is pretty much non-existant today. Calling today’s Christians or Jews as the people of the book is a gross ignorance for a highly educated scholar like him.

I just can’t sympathize with people who mislead others like Dr. Khaleed. Why mislead when there are other options ??

In reality, Dr. Khaleed is not doing the right thing either. Marriage is already hard enough as it is – the joining of two totally different creature, man & woman. It’ll be harder when they are of different cultural background. And it is the hardest when they are of different religion.
I’ve personally seen the cases, and it’s not pretty, especially for the kids 🙁

Anyway, I’m sure other experts will be able to point out other flaws of his reasoning, but I’ll stop here.

Medieval Muslim made a stunning math breakthrough, says Reuters. A very complex tile pattern in a mosque in Iran was later realized to be a complex mathematical figure.

Quoted :

Magnificently sophisticated geometric patterns in medieval Islamic architecture indicate their designers achieved a mathematical breakthrough 500 years earlier than Western scholars, scientists said on Thursday.

By the 15th century, decorative tile patterns on these masterpieces of Islamic architecture reached such complexity that a small number boasted what seem to be “quasicrystalline” designs, Harvard University’s Peter Lu and Princeton University’s Paul Steinhardt wrote in the journal Science.

Only in the 1970s did British mathematician and cosmologist Roger Penrose become the first to describe these geometric designs in the West. Quasicrystalline patterns comprise a set of interlocking units whose pattern never repeats, even when extended infinitely in all directions, and possess a special form of symmetry.

“Oh, it’s absolutely stunning,” Lu said in an interview. “They made tilings that reflect mathematics that were so sophisticated that we didn’t figure it out until the last 20 or 30 years.”

What really scares the mullahs ?, that’s the question on International Herald Tribune today. The US navy armada showing up near Iran ? Nope – it’s the diplomatic might and fear of sanction.
The mullahs even backed up from the holocaust propaganda. This is good, because then we can start looking at it rationally again, instead of inviting shadowy figures like the guy from Ku Klux Klan, and instanly lost whatever credibility they have.

Re: holocaust – the holocaust did happen, but the Zionists are blowing it WAY over and over again. There are many even in USA who’s sick of their cry on this, while themselves implemented apartheid-style policies over the Palestinians.

Anyway, hope the stupid cowboy (GW Bush, yes, I’m looking at you) have someone holding his itchy fingers. A single missle launch – and the whole Iran WILL revolt and retaliate to as many Western targets as possible.
While with this diplomatic approach, a peaceful compromise is more possible to be achieved.

Circumcision’s anti-AIDS effect found greater than originally thought.
Very nice ! 50% to 65% chance of avoiding AIDS. Quoted :

If we had an AIDS vaccine that was performing as well as this, it would be the talk of the town.”

Even better, introduce them to Islam, and see the AIDS growth rate plunges even further as more people abstain from careless and free sex. Let’s hear it for AIDS-free Africa, yay.

10 thoughts on “QKLK : Interfaith marriage, Less marriage than ever, and other random interesting links

  1. AFAIK your definition of “people of the book” is not correct. The people of the book is Christian or Jews even today Christian or Jews.

    Your logic is faulty because even Christian in prophet time that believe Jesus is God still called The People of The Book and their food and women is halal.

    But that doesn’t mean we could just married any christian women, there are another criteria in the ayat that allow it.

    See this article (in Indonesia)

  2. kalo enggak salah unitarianism masih ada di beberapa daerah di Inggris dan juga di AS. Pak Harry sudah baca “Ketika Yesus Jadi Tuhan?”, kalo gak salah itu buku yang ngisahin perpecahan “Imam” Arius dengan “Imam” Antanasius

  3. While u guys are busy trying to figure out who is a real christian, perhaps some time should be spent looking into the mirror to figure out if a modern muslim and a contemporary of Muhammad are of the same religion. And then ask yourself if God uses a term without a conditioner, how can you (and “scholars”) qualify that conditioner without evidence, and without the fear of committing shirk. Peace

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