Artillery Live

Found this little gem by accident – an online multiplayer FLASH game.
With chat.

Hilarity ensued !

Kill ’em all :
AL - kill em all - thumbnail

Be a communist :
AL - Be a Communist - thumbnail
(Turned out he’s a Jew. Ended up threatening to kill me)

Perawan di sarang penyamun :
AL - virgin - thumbnail

Needless to say, do NOT play this game when you don’t have much spare time. I have learned my lesson.

9 thoughts on “Artillery Live

  1. hehe, careful dude. they treat n*z* topic worse insults than F words :p just like italian with m*f*a 🙂

  2. Duh, Harry … mendingan terusin di Timezone aja daripada maen ginian. Heil Harry !!!

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