Petition : Save Babar Ahmad

If you’re a UK citizen / resident, please spend 5 minutes and help save Babar Ahmad from injustice; by signing the online petition here.

Babar Ahmad is a British citizen who has been cleared by British authorities of any wrongdoing. The US has requested his extradition to face charges related to fundraising for Chechen and Taliban rebels. The offences are alleged to have occurred on UK soil. It is only proper that Babar stands trial in the UK. Were he to be extradited, he faces a serious risk of human rights abuses and torture. (Guantanamo, US secret prisons, etc)

Different than other online petitions, this one is hosted on UK government’s Online Petition server ! Wow.
I usually ignored online petitions, but when I realized this, I signed up instantly.

Since the petition is hosted by UK gov’t itself, it has more chance to be listened to. Now, it’s up to us to actually use it.

So far there are almost 2000 signature. Many of the signer are not Muslim. Naturally, since this is an issue that concerns all – who know if next time it’ll be you ?

Here’s a chance to stop the crazy US gov’t crusade. Sign now.

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