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This past several weeks I’ve been put under so much work, I’ve been unable to post a blog article. Thank God I usually have a few posts set on drafts, so the posts will still show up for a while in this blog. So you thought I blogged routinely? Ha ! 🙂 oops…

Anyway, just now I realized I’ve missed a very interesting topic – bridge blogging. Yay, now everyone knows that I didn’t blog routinely 😀

Back to the topic, I agree with Unspun that he’s not the first to propose the idea. Personally I was told about it by Budi Putra, and according to Unspun it’s already proposed by Fatih Syuhud before that.
And since the first time I’m in fully agreement with the idea.

Why is it a good idea ? Because blogging in other language (in this case, English) can be really useful & helpful to others. It helps one to widen his/her perspective.

Two excellent examples :
[ The beautiful Iran ] : Most wouldn’t know Iran as potrayed here – btw, we’re talking about photoblogging here (ok, ok, so I’m really stretching even that term, but hopefully you got the point 🙂 )
[ The Real Myanmar ] : Truth-spreading blog (no, it’s not a happy one)

Also from personal experience – at the time of 9/11, we (muslims) have been subjected to ridicule because we have not spoken against the terrorists.
Well guess what, we DID. But at the time, the media chose not to air it – effectively silencing us; thus creating the impression of approval of terrorism from us. We suffered a lot, up to personal level : my wife even got harassed.
So then I made a vow to try spread any useful information & knowledge as much as possible. Blog has made it easy for us to share our thoughts, and Google has made it possible for others to easily find it.

I think most of you by now will agree that bridge blogging is indeed a good, and important, idea.

So what’s left is the problem of its execution – how should we do it ?

Personally I say : up to you !
Say whatever you want to say (except, of course, things that breaks the law: stealing others contents, libel, harassment, etc). In whatever language, English or Indonesian.
Positive or negative, blog them all. The single most important criteria is : try to post (even what may seem remotely) useful things.
(of course it’s still okay to post other stuff than that, but at the moment we’re talking about an idea which goal is to benefit others)

Anyway – however, for maximum reach, do try to blog in English too sometimes. I’ve had contacts with people from all over the Earth because of this; Middle East, USA, Morocco, France, Italy, and so on.
They’ve been able to benefit from me because of my English blog posts / articles.

That’s just too cool.
Without Internet/Google/Blog, we’ll be busy with just ourselves under our own rock (hi Patrick!)

Also people have been very surprised when I told them how it is in Indonesia. The fact that I don’t have to live underground. From what they’ve seen in news, they thought it’s riots & disasters & misery all over the place.
Well, sorry, but no 🙂 It’s mostly very peaceful here, as my recent holiday to the corners of beautiful West Sumatera proved. I was very much recharged from it.

I just found that nadia febina share similar sentiment. Yes guys, Indonesia looked **really** bad from the outside.
When you’re out there, indeed you’ll know (and personally experience) too about what (the heck) is it that I’m talking about.

About blog politics : I could NOT care less 😀

I’m blogging to share (whatever that can be shared), not to play some games. As the result, I’ve been targeted quite several times, especially in the open source topic (so far I’ve had to disable 2 blog posts to avoid collateral damage).
People are angry with me and calling me (really) bad names. Some call me naive. In return, I’m calling people to blog.
I don’t care if you’re from this community or that community (high five with treespotter) – just blog the truth. We are bound to the same universe anyway (so yes, I’m calling you too, my Martian & Plutonian friends).
So there 🙂

I’d like to offer my opinion on 2 things while we’re on the subject. First, if I’m Unspun, I’d rather not use the word “most” in the sentence most of them are droll, since, if you haven’t done a proper research, it’d be way too close to generalization. “Some” would be much more closer to truth.
Still I’m very thankful to him for bringing us the term “bridge blogging”. It’ll make further conversations on the topic with fellow bloggers easier for me 🙂

Second; I feel really sorry to what happened to Jennie. It seems like she’s been in quite some hardship, she found it hard to talk about Indonesia positively.
No worries there Jennie, do speak out about it, and be happy knowing that you’ve contributed in creating the big picture !

I’d like also to comment on her comment here :

I was able to see how “parochial” Indonesian bloggers are based on that incident. Why can’t they just show one small sympathy?

Well, similar thing has happened before in the past. Curious what fellow Indonesians have to say to the accusation, I asked several of them.
To my surprise, some of the responses are rather amusing – they thought America is the land of the rich, and therefore very much able to help themselves in case of disasters like this.

Guess how surprised they were when I told them how bad it’s over there – unemployement, 50% spending budget allocated for military, there are hungry & poor people, how they’ve been screwed so bad by their own government (Bush has cancelled the children’s health safety net, and the latest he tried to cancel the budget for critical water projects. Even after Katrina, can you believe that? Cruel, indeed he is)

So Jennie, it’s down to our naivety. Hopefully you (and others) can forgive it.

Back (again) to the topic – I strongly believed that knowledge wants to be free, and still do.
Blog has enabled us to do so easily. Let’s make full use of it !

Let us build the bridges to better understanding.

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18 thoughts on “Bridge Blogging

  1. berbahasa lain dalam blog akan menjadi beban jika diembel-embeli dengan tujuan-tujuan seperti “menyebarkan informasi kepada khalayak yang lebih luas, dll”.

    saya rasa ini masalah kemarjinalan dari kita yang sudah sangat akut: jika orang asing perlu tahu tentang kondisi negara dan bangsa ini, kenapa tidak mereka saya yang berusaha belajar bahasa Indonesia?

    dalam hal ini mungkin patut dicontoh budaya Jerman atau Jepang (dan sekarang Korea) yang bangga dengan bahasa mereka sendiri.

  2. hallo Harry, you’re right, as much as I believe that we have to be proud of our own language, I admit that in current reality, blogging in english can touch and reach more audience. We’re lucky that Indonesians are full of smart people that mostly speak more than one language including english, so blogging in english can reach our indonesian friends too.

    I would suggest we should not get carried away of making concept on bridge blogging. Rather, let’s just continue to have fun & writing stuff in our blog. Before we know it, we have shared so many things -good or bad- about our beloved country..!

    Moreover, just by making friends with other people outside Indonesia can also boost Indonesian image. Living outside Indonesia, you somehow are one of Indonesian ambassadors. Whatever you do, you like it or not, people start to categorize you as “someone from Indonesia”. If you behave well you’d bring good image and vice versa. This fact also happens in blogosphere, I believe.

  3. @nadia, Harry: Agree with you guys. Frankly when I posted about bridge blogging I thought I was just floating an idea. Had no clue that so many others would take it seriously. What does that say of Indonesian bloggers?

  4. unspun, hahah, ya i noticed. Was a nice idea when you posted it sometime ago, actually. And then it become a serious topic. But i’m still with you with ur original idea of bridge blogging…. 🙂

  5. I was thought Blog must be beyond of our own perspective and touch wide range of spectrum. I was confused with blog at first time, why we should blog? we already have news and journal application at the moment (2002).

    Then I realize that I don’t blog but doing a journal because I just talking about a thing and mixing natural languages which is confusing to reader. It’s like gado – gado, but I am using an “Blog Engine” to facilitate my journaling activity.

    Maybe, we should redefine about blog, acctually blog had built-in bridge function, lol. It’s about culture and definition, It seem becoming a chaos (not visible) now. It’s up to people to decide but comprehensive meaning about blog is must, maybe official Pesta Blogger site could facilitate what people want to share in their perspective with nice guidelines / references.

    I appreciate the idea to live up the real function of blog. Great!

  6. We need blog to write our diary, some firm use blog too, for publishing their press

  7. Blogs are needed by everyone today. I especially like the fact that you can write about anything, and that you can get a lot of readers like this blog does because its stories are good.

  8. I especially like the fact that you can write about anything, and that you can get a lot of readers like this blog does because its stories are good.

  9. Thanks banget om Harry, sudah nolongin dan langsung turun tangan 🙂 Seminggu ke depan ini kita coba dulu lihat kondisi. Aku server cukup stabil dan kondisi CPU dan Memory terjaga. Paling tidak untuk sementara sudah lumayan, sampai kita pikirkan lagi strategi lain. Sekali lagi, thanks.

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