Unspun @ Amazon

I was googling around tonight when I stumbled on this : Unspun @ Amazon.

I was gobsmacked. How come Pak Ong was able to obtain it ?

I want sufehmi.amazon.com too !

Turned out that it’s a misunderstanding on my part.
Ha ha ha 😀

This is what will happen after you’re too busy hacking Linux for days (yes, even when you guys are having your 4-days holiday), with little sleep in between.
I envy you no more lah Pak Ong. He he.

Alright, back to work ! 😀

10 thoughts on “Unspun @ Amazon

  1. @Harry: Don’t envy lah. Unspun not even in top Indonesian bloggers list according to Amazon. Ngak ada top ranking, ngak ada Rasa Sayang, ngak ada batik, ngak ada reog pornorogoro…kasihan deh gue!

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  3. I’m trying to understand what happened here… unspun.amazon just redirects to unspun… how were they able to do this??

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