Good website monitor?

I’m looking for a good website monitoring service. This service will quickly, and accurately, notify me when any of the monitored website is not responding / down.
Please freely give your recommendation if you happen to know one.

My requirements:

1. We can choose the monitoring station’s locations
2. Robust monitoring system : I do NOT want false alarm.
3. Easy to setup, then it’ll work with no further intervention
4. SMS notification
5. Good cost/benefit ratio : I can set up this kind of service myself – but why hassling myself if there’s someone else already providing it for less cost/hassle?

Before I used’s service, because I read rave reviews of it all over the Net. But, to my confusion, it consistently send me false alarms.

OK it’s understandable when the monitored server is on Indonesia, with less-than-ideal international links. However, to get 10 false alarm everyday on servers hosted on ?? Needless to say, I got tired of it pretty quickly.

Thank you.

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  1. Just curios, false alarm yg anda terima apa yah?
    Kemudian parameter yang dimonitor apa yah? Kebetulan saya kerjaannya bikin High Available system (Cluster+Grif+Enteprise Monitoring), jadi kepingin tahu kalo dari sisi anda apa aja sih yang penting?

  2. @Dedhi – halo, requirements dan masalah false alarm yang saya alami sudah ada di posting ini. Basically, saya butuh layanan yang memonitor website2 customer saya 24×7, dan lalu mengabarkan saya via email — dan bisa di eskalasi via SMS; jika ada yang bermasalah.

  3. @Andry – thanks, but I need a 24×7 monitoring service. Even when my laptop is off, it will have to be able to alert my team in case of problems with any of our customer’s website. So it’s gotta be a hosted service.
    Dejal simon do looks very nice indeed.

  4. @Steward – thanks! Alertra looks like just what I need.
    Let’s see how it performs.

  5. I was searching for reliable network monitors myself when I came across this site – I seem to have got about 3 names of it already!

    Sufehmi is right in saying that most monitors end up giving false alarm and that’s really annoying!

    I also came across a free service called ‘Montastic’ which can help you monitor upto 100 servers(or so they claim) and it has been developed by self-proclaimed open source fanatics – haven’t tried it myself but just thought I’ll add it as my contribution to the discussion. I don’t think it has sms notification though, only RSS/e-mail.

  6. Hi, i would recommend website montioring service by Dotcom. Take a look at their website at They have some datacenters all over the world… So your website will be monitored from different locations (e.g. from Australia). They offer SMS alerting. So it may suits your needs.

  7. I work with an of shores company that is pretty good. That’s my recommendation to you is to find someone out of your country to do it and have it all self automated systems. If you’re in the US, I recommend Europe; Aftrica I recommend the US.

  8. Have a look at we do free SMS alerts,
    the system won’t send you false alarms — in case one monitoring server
    reports a failure for your site the remaining servers are checked before
    sending notification. It’s trivial to setup and interface is very easy to use.


  9. I really don’t know if payday loans has an idea what this topic is really about. Sounds like he might be more into money laundering than website monitoring.

  10. I was away for awhile, and already we have several more suggestions here.
    Thanks guys, I’ll give these a try.

  11. @Anton – hi, your activation code never reaches my mobile phone – it’s +62 811 xxxxxxxx

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  13. Multi-Check technology allows us to monitor your website from diverse geographic regions to ensure that your website is accessible from multiple Internet points.

  14. You posted this question last Novermber 2008. I wonder you if found the answer now? Please share it with us. Thank you so much and hoping to receive your reply.

  15. I recommend as the most versatile, highest frequency free website monitoring service.

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  16. This service will quickly, and accurately, notify me when any of the monitored website is not responding down.thank u for sharing.

  17. gak ada open source yang sanggup ya?
    Kok open source? Gak ada hubungannya.
    Saya perlu layanan monitoring, bukan software monitoring.
    Kalau software monitoring, apalagi yang open source, sudah ada banyak. Misalnya; monit. pandora, dll.
    Tapi gak bisa saya gunakan di server saya, karena ya tentu konyol — kalau server saya down, maka software monitoring tersebut tidak akan bisa memberitahu saya karena, well, server yang menjalankan software monitoring tsb sedang down….
    Karena itu saya butuh layanan monitoring. Bukan software monitoring.

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  19. I suggest you host with Hostgator and then check out the options and services they provide. The kick butt and have to lowest downtime of all. They also have some service options that might do what you are looking for.

  20. Most good hosts come with great monitors, awstats is alright and its free…If its not with your host then you could still install it.

  21. I suggest you host with Hostgator and then check out the options and services they provide. The kick butt and have to lowest downtime of all. They also have some service options that might do what you are looking for.

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  23. I also had the same experience and trouble. I tried a local IT engineering firm and the guy helped me a lot in the system.

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