Infographic: The Rise of Android :  

3 of 4 smartphones purchased use Android

1.300.000 Android devices are activated every day
(iOS devices : 515.000 / day)

15 Android devices activated per second
17 Big Mac sold per second 

500 Millions Android devices Worldwide
410 Millions iOS devices Worldwide

Google's Android revenue increased 800% in one year
(Q4 2012 Google reported record revenue of $1.032 Billion)

Microsoft gets US$ 5 for every HTC Android device sold.
Microsoft gets more money from Android than from its own Windows phone on 2011 #LOL   #LOL  

etc, etc… enjoy !,2817,2414047,00.asp

Infographic: The Rise of Android
In less than eight years, Google turned a no-name operating system producer into the world’s most popular smartphone OS.

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3 thoughts on “Infographic: The Rise of Android :  

  1. Yang lucu, saya pernah baca (sumber akan dicari) bahwa android ternyata tidak memberikan sumbangsih yang signifikan atas profit Google yang sudah meroket itu..jadi kayaknya android ini "hanya" produk amal google hehehe

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