Microsoft's most profitable mobile software is : Android

This is because it's bullying Android vendors with its various patents. 

These vendors are paying Microsoft $3 to $12 per device. 

This may seem cheap, but when you realize that there are hundreds of millions Android devices sold every year….. suddenly, it's a very significant revenue source gained with very little work.

As Google stated :

"This is the same tactic we've seen time and again from Microsoft. Instead of building great new products, Microsoft attacks the competition, and tries to drive up the prices of Android devices for consumers"

And it shows – it's own mobile software, Windows Phone, continue to be a mighty loser.
In 2013, Dow Jones Business News reported that it only managed to grab 3,2% marketshare in USA.

But as SCO Unix has proven, patent trolls won't last forever. They'll end up die a dishonorable death. Let's watch this one as well.

Microsoft’s most profitable mobile operating system: Android | ZDNet
Microsoft has had trouble getting people to use its Windows Phone operating systems, however, it might make as much as $3.4 billion on Android phones.

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