Hi, just a heads-up

posts from Friends+Me is now no longer editable on Facebook.

I usually edit F+M posts in my Facebook's timeline, because FB limit F+M posts to just 1000 characters (booo Mark Zuck). 

Now this is no longer possible. 

If somehow there's a solution to his problem / work around, I'd really love to hear it.


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19 thoughts on “Hi, just a heads-up

  1. That's interesting, I can edit all my FB reposts except the ones that do not contain any link or photo. Can you send me a link to the one you have problem with? Thanks.

  2. Owh I see…. "(no) any link or photo"   🙂

    Wonder why…. hello Facebook.

    Anyway, thank you for the hint.
    I'll try to insert a link or photo in all of my future posts.


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