Reverse Arrow Optical Illusion

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Reverse Arrow Optical Illusion

Look Mah; I can do magic!ย This is a nice experiment to do with the kids.ย 

This is simply a demo of refraction: bending of light. #scienceeveryday ย 

A whimsical example:ย

Gif extracted from:ย
Physics Central info on Refraction:ย๏ปฟ

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24 thoughts on “Reverse Arrow Optical Illusion

  1. ko bisa seperti itu yah boleh dicoba ni.. nanti saya peraktikan ..
    mampir wabsite kita yuk

  2. Sebuah Ilusi optik yang sangat menarik, ketika diisi air panah nya berubah, keep update om ijin komen yaa ๐Ÿ™‚

    thanks sebelumnya

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