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My notes on mk802 it's a famous mini PC, running Android 4.0.x

Currently I'm having problems with it (problem playing videos: stopped halfway, etc), which I think is caused by overheating problem.

Yes, it gets really hot 🙂 I almost burned my finger recently. And there's this guy posting photos of its mk802 with its melted casing. Crazy.

I'll buy a heatsink for it tomorrow.

In case it's not a hardware / overheating problem, then I'll need to start considering other solutions, for example: upgrading the firmware, replacing the android with Linux, etc :

XBMC for Android : https://www.miniand.com/forums/forums/1/topics/136

Uberoid (latest firmware + extra fixes) :

Howto replace mk802's firmware (incl. link to the LIveSuit) :

Linuxes @ mk802 :

CyanogenMod 10 @ mk802 : 

Other stuff : must-have apps fo mk802 :

I'll post the solution which works for it.


FAQ – RIKOMAGIC MALAYSIA – Official Distributor for MK802/MK802+
What is an MK802? MK802 is a Flash Drive size ARM base Computer. It comes with Android 4.0 (ICS) preinstall. What is the content of the package? The complete package contains almost everything you nee…

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