Last year I spent about 2 weeks working on [ phpMailman ].
Unfortunately, I had to abandon it because I was assigned to other projects.

It was the most interesting projects, and potentially quite useful, that I’ve been working on. And it seems that quite a lot of others agree – I still got emails asking about it.

In short – phpMailman is a milis (mailing list) software, composed of php scripts and uses MySQL database to store its data.
It require very little to run (most webhosting package will suffice) and easy to set up. These two are things that I found lacking in other milis software.

I apologize that I’m still not able to continue my work on it. Meanwhile, I’ve updated the page with more useful information, and a link to the latest version. Hope someone will find it useful.

[ homepage of phpMailman ]

30 thoughts on “phpMailman

  1. Hello Harry,

    Your link in the above post no longer works. How far did you get on this project? I am considering finishing it or building one of my own, as I have a couple of good uses for it.

    If you could mail the source to me, I’d love to work at it. I’ll of course develop it open source under any license you choose (though I prefer a BSD-style license over GPL, and GPLv2 over GPLv3). I’ll also host it on Sourceforge and give credit to you when it’s done. Let me know.


  2. Nice job. It ‘s really amazing software. Thanks for sharing it. Blogs are the best choice for such people who want to get awesome information & knowledge about upcoming or new technology. People can also share their views in it & also get latest software from Blog Software.

  3. I have tried translating this page and reading it but it gives me an error. Can some one point me to a good translating service.

  4. I was just searching for the perfect mail handler but wasn’t able to get it. Looking at the phpMailman, it is one nice project, hope you add more multi-features in it if you could spare time for it.

  5. it sound great

    but your link is dead, i would like to learn more information about your project. looking for the other link for phpMailman project

  6. nice post !!

    it sound good, i would like to know more informatino about your project but the link for phpmailman is dead , how can i follow your project

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