Today I looked at my browser in awe, seeing that there have been [ 3 (three!) Linux distros and 1 billing software released ], all GPL-licensed.
It’s made possible thanks to collaboration of Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology, Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information, PT. Pasifik Satelit Nusantara, and many other parties.

The 3 distros are: Igos Berdikari (stand alone Linux distro), Igos Laba-laba (Linux thin-client distro, based on, Igos Kwartet (1 PC, but 4 keyboards/mice/monitors)

Igos Kwartet is quite intriguing, with 1 PC, 4 VGA cards, and 1 USB hub (8 ports), you can have 4 people to use this single PC together, without interrupting each other.

Igos Laba-laba is a must if you want to have better chance of success with the Internet Cafe business. By using old / cheap workstations, you can minimize your investment. Thus enabling faster ROI (return of investment).

Indonesian Linux scene is very interesting now.
However, I hope that the parties will realize that their work has just begun. They’ll need to maintain, promote, and continue to enhance this. Otherwise, this project may fade away in the future, which I’d really hate to see.

Kudos to everyone involved in this.

5 thoughts on “PSN / IgOS

  1. Coba ke situsnya, kok nggak jelas, kayaknya itu bukan distro ya..

  2. waroengIGOS dah didonlot tp bingung ngeburn ke CDnya. gimana ya…? pake NERO hasilnya sama ga bs booting…
    ada solusi ga…

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