Debian: It Just Works

There’s an old server running old version of Mandrake that I’d like to upgrade with latest kernel (with latest drivers/USB support, etc). But it seems that upgrading the existing Mandrake installation will be a lot of pain, so I thought I’ll just reinstall it with Debian instead.

Backed up the whole server (35 GB, with help fromg4u), moved the company’s system to another server, install Debian Net Install CD, and finally moved back the company’s system to that server.

Took just one day, minimum problem; and resulted in a much more usable server with more recent version of software packages.
I’m quite impressed.

Here’s another kudos for the people who made Debian a reality.

3 thoughts on “Debian: It Just Works

  1. I stumbled upon Ian Murdock’s announcement, and I found several very interesting points:

    1. The idea of an updateable Operating System via Internet. (remember, this is 1993!)
    2. The OS that just works (coincidentally, that’s also the title of this post)

    After 12 years, I think Ian has reached pretty much all of his goals, and a whole lot more.

    Thank you guys.

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