Mono on Solaris/SPARC platform

I’ve been asked about this for many times now, so I thought I’ll post about it here for your convenience.

At 23:58 28/09/2005 -0500, Camilo Uribe wrote:
I need to run xsp in a solaris 8 machine and all the documentation I found is your email

It’s continued in this thread:

did you know if now is possible?

Short answer:

Long answer:
Last time I tried – Yes, with problems.
Now – No idea, I don’t have access to Sun machines at the moment, so I couldn’t check it out.

Anyway, it seems that Mono developers does their work on Linux x86 machines, so that’s the most stable/proven platform to run Mono on.
If you want to run Mono on Solaris/Sparc, and you found problems, you can collaborate with the developers to get it up and running. Example: You can give them access to a Sun machine to enable them to debug the problem on the spot.

btw; on our case, I had to stop my work (which are documented on those two threads above) abruptly – because we found out that our supplier gave us wrong information: their eLearning software is NOT a pure .NET application, but has dependence(ies) to ActiveX controls. Which is a showstopper – there’s no way we’d be able to get ActiveX control to run on Solaris/sparc platform.

Hope it clears up things a bit.


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