I was browsing around and decided to visit after missing it for years.
My, looks like they’ve been very busy this October !

They just announced the new Wolfenstein (will be developed by Raven software). Return To Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW) had the best co-operative multiplayer game. You actually had to work together, or you will lose the game. It’s MUCH better (IMHO) than the usual deatchmatch-style games.
I was lucky enough to be in UK at that time (big Internet bandwidth), and therefore was able to enjoy many excellent multiplayer sessions online. It was an awesome experience; if you think deathmatch is great, wait until you tried co-op.
But now in Indonesia, I hope this new Wolfenstein will include a bot 🙂 so we can enjoy it without needing to connect to the Internet. It’s not as if I’d be able to play it freely though, since I’ve got way more responsibilities now….. Anyway, next:

Quake 4 !
I was looking rather warmly at it – but soon I got very interested, since it’s made by Raven software. This company has good record of creating games with excellent gameplay.
Fight with the support of an elite squad” – so they’ve finally figured out an AI algorithm good enough for this? Good for them, RTCW:ET was released as free game because they failed to get this working on time.
So I guess this means I can also expect the new Wolfenstein to have bots in its co-op mode (hurray)

And of course DOOM: The Movie. If you ever played the game (especially DOOM 3), or just want to watch an excellent action/horror movie, you don’t want to miss this.

Well done id software.

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