Google loves Firefox

I’ve been wanting for some time now to help advocate / spread / advertise Firefox, especially on this website.
Previously, I’ve registered my family as donater to Firefox campaign. The Spread Firefox team then was able to purchase a 2-page advertising on New York Times. (click here to download it as PNG/PDF file)
But then I got busy with other things.

Then I noticed that Google has opened up their Firefox referral program to international AdSense publishers.
Wonderful – you get to advocate for your favorite browser, and got paid at the same time.

So, there goes the little Firefox button on top-right side of this blog 🙂
I noticed that the buttons are pretty small, most are only 2 – 3 kb in size. So I hope it won’t inconvenient you too much.

Right, now, does anyone knows how to make AdSense adverts show up only on English contents…?

2 thoughts on “Google loves Firefox

  1. ah yes… dulu mau masang, tapi baru yang di US yang bisa… sekarang udah bisa.. sip..

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