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LVM notes

I’ve been using LVM, which is the default for Fedora Code installations. FC developers have managed to make it to “just work” in all of my installations. I understand that this is being pushed aggressively by RedHat, and I think it’s the right thing to do.
It’s another initiative which makes another enterprise computing feature to be available on ordinary / off-the-shelf hardware; which is always appreciated.

In case the “autopilot” doesn’t work, here’s a few notes on LVM. You just may find it useful.

Singapura & PLN

Ada saudara saya yang bekerja di Batam. dimana salah satu pekerjaannya adalah mengantar orang-orang Indonesia berbelanja di S’pore. Menurutnya. ternyata orang Indonesia masih memegang rekor sebagai turis/pebelanja nomor SATU di Singapura.

Lalu tadi pagi saya berbincang-bincang dengan supir saya di perjalanan ke kantor. Dia bercerita bahwa warga satu RWnya sempat dipadamkan semua listriknya, karena ternyata pasokan listrik mereka semua sebesar 900 watt; sementara yang terdaftar adalah 450 watt. PLN curiga karena pelanggan 450 watt ada yang membayar sampai 200-ribu sebulan (ya. mereka tidak mencuri listrik. tagihan yang datang tetap mereka lunasi).
Tapi kemudian dia melanjutkan bahwa di Pondok Indah ternyata banyak rumah mewah yang mencuri listrik. Bukan cuma sekedar memasang MCB yg lebih besar (spt tetangga2nya). Salah satu triknya adalah dgn menyisipkan klise film di meteran PLN; maka meteran akan berhenti berputar. Padahal pemakaian berjalan terus. (duh, hacker juga ya)
Sekarang coba tebak, apakah ada tindakan utk para pencuri kelas kakap ini ?

Fatwa on Ahmadiyyah by Indonesian Ulama Council

Pictured in this post is Gus Dur (GD) / Abdurrahman Wahid (right) and Ulil Abshar Abdalla (UAA) (left), on a conference to oppose / reject a fatwa released by MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia / Indonesian Ulama Council). The fatwa is about the Ahmadiyyah, stating that they are kafir / non-muslim.

These people usually said that you should not judge somebody like that. However, they missed a huge point in this particular case.

Ahmadiyyah like to show themselves as the True Muslims, saying that their religion is the true Islam.
However, when you have your own prophet, then it’s a different religion. Especially when it’s a religion based on so many deceptions, and based on British imperialists’ agenda.

It’s like you’re buying apple (read: Islam), and getting grape (read: Ahmadiyya) instead. The buyer, naturally, would be angered due to this.

Or another example, if I create my own religion, which looks like Christianity – but based on Monotheism (instead of Trinity).
Would the Christians be happy if I call this religion as the true Christianity ?

That fatwa by MUI is basically that, telling that apple is apple, and orange is orange.
It helps to avoid the confusion spread by the Ahmadiyyah missionarists.

This is where GD & UAA got confused. On the website, it’s said that the Ahmadiyyah has the rights to practice their own beliefs.
Indeed, but when you’re saying orange when it’s really apple – then somebody has to notify everyone which may suffer because of this.

Saying that Ahmadiyyah is kafir doesn’t mean that we can’t coexist with them. Quran itself said that the Christians & Jews are kafirs, but Muslims – under the guidance of wise rulers and ulama – have been able to live peacefully together with them.
This is another subtle FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) that’s currently being spread – that when a kafir fatwa was released, that means the muslims will start attacking them.

The attack on Ahmadiyyah’s base on Parung, Indonesia is something that we all should regret. However, we should not just blindly comment on the event, but try to look a bit further. Why it happened ?
From history, such attacks usually happened because formal complaints were ignored by the authorities. After years with nothing being done, people (who felt cheated/misled) usually have ran out of patience.
I haven’t found such investigation in this current event.

My Rp 2 on the subject.