Finally, acknowledgement of UFO from authority

Sovyet government is probably the first authority openly admitting the existence of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object).

I knew it was something when I saw it myself back when I was still in high school. In an evening, I was in a road near my school (Al-Azhar, Jakarta), when I noticed a a cylindrical object on the sky. It was red, and it was moving slowly on the sky, before it was gone. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

However, with all the propaganda against UFO, I knew I’d be labeled as fruitcake if I told anyone about it. So I kept my mouth shut until now.

What is a UFO anyway ? There are a lot of people trying to describe what it really is, most of them hypothesizing that they are alien visitors from outer space.
There’s an interesting one – an expert in supernatural activity said that most unexplainable phenomenons are related to jinn (genie). This includes UFO.

For an Indonesian, this makes some sense, since there are still a lot of people here able to get in touch with jinn.
If you ever saw people piercing themselves with blades, walking on fire, or shot by guns; and walk away completely unaffected – they are all cohorts of jinn. I’ve personally played with lesser jinn when I was little. My grandfather saw one. Several of my cousins are able to see them. Several of my friends are unlucky to be disturbed by them, one of them even thrown from upstairs.
There are a so many people here able to interact with them, it’s no longer surprising.

In Islam, we’ve been taught about jinns as well. We’re taught that jinns were created by God as lesser creatures than human. Humans were created to rule the Earth. We’re forbidden from becoming their partner in any activity, since this will increase the status of that particular jinn on their community, and will bring upon God’s wrath on that man/woman.
The jinns are normally invisible, and if they become visible, they’ll also become weakened, enough to even be killed by us.
The jinns are tricksters – I think this is quite well-known even on the West.

Jinns are quite powerful, and they VASTLY outnumber us on Earth. However, God favor us, and protect us from them. If someone got problem from jinns, this is only because God allowed it to happen. The reason varies, sometimes it’s to pay his/her sin here on Earth (instead of paying it in hell later), sometimes it’s to test him/her. When he/she passed the test, his/her status will be raised. Etc.

So know that finally there’s an authority acknowledging UFO, I’m hoping that there will be open-minded discussions on the supernatural phenomenons.
But no fruitcakes please… I’ve seen way too many articles drawing “solid” conclusions from very shaky proof and logic. Let’s keep this rational and open-minded, shall we.

4 thoughts on “Finally, acknowledgement of UFO from authority

  1. I saw one, too, when I was still in SD (5th grade). It was a sunny afternoon when I saw a flying object made an elliptic movement behind my house. I was sure that it was not a ‘layangan kisut’ or a bird or a plane because it has a unique shape (black and round) and moved very fast. After four or five movements it went up and disappeared.

    The speculation about UFO makes me think about QS 2:30. The Lord said that He is about to place a viceroy on earth and the angels questioned why, because it will do the earth harm and shed blood among themselves. Why the angels said that? Is that because there were creatures similar to human being being sent to earth (or similar to earth)? Do these creatures still exist? Are they the aliens? Wallahu’alam.

  2. Wow.. i haven’t seen one, but i’d like to. in fact, i was wishing that i was the chosen one to fly in their spaceship, so that i can have another “magic” after i get back to earth..hehe.. it was a long time ago though. but i still amaze and wonder to a thing called UFO..

  3. When I was a kid I was fascinated with UFOs, but was never able to see one. As an adult I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that they didn’t exist until my parents had a strange craft fly over their car. In the last several months I’ve been skywatching about an hour and a half a day, about 3-5 days of the week, and have seen and photographed a few during the daytime(no, I’m not talking bugs, birds, or planes, but actual flying saucers, spheres, and triangles that perform unconventional maneuvers) and a few lights at night that were not jets, propellor planes, or helicopters. There is much more that flies above than what we generally realize, and if you take the time to look up eventually your patience will be rewarded. Are they aliens? I don’t know…I’ve never had the opportunity to meet the pilot of any of these craft. All I know is that there are many, many different types of flying objects that don’t appear or fly like what we expect from known aircraft.

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