Timezone problem @ Debian sarge

I was working in a Debian sarge server when I noticed that the timezone indicates WIT (Waktu Indonesia Timur). I was confused, because I’m sure that I chose GMT+7 when I setup that server, which should be WIB (Waktu Indonesia Barat).

I ran tzconfig, and indeed it’s GMT+7, but the timezone still shows WIT.

I finally got the explanation here 🙂
The discussion there is pretty interesting as well.

So it seems to be just a cosmetic bug, nothing serious. Still, it got me confused, he he.
If it caught you too, now you know why it’s like that.

3 thoughts on “Timezone problem @ Debian sarge

  1. Lha, basbang toh.. hehe, saya baru tahu, soalnya biasanya setup server di timezone GMT atau EST.

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