Earthquake in Yogyakarta

Today I’m very busy trying to solve a database-related problem and failed to check my emails and/or watch the news.
When I finally checked my emails later, I was very surprised to read Eko Juniarto’s email – there was a big earthquake this morning in Yogya (Java island, Indonesia), and two of his relatives died in the event.

Tried to check Angkringan, Yogyakarta’s blogger-community website. So far only 1 post made its way there. I did read though that communication infrastructure was heavily damaged in the earthquake, so this is expected. I tried calling Thomas Arie, but kept on getting busy signals. I hope he came through that alright.
I then checked on my relatives in Solo, and they said they’re ok, the earthquake was barely felt over there.

My condolences to the victims and their relatives. Hopefully, people will be able to work together on this disaster, and it will bring the best to all of us.

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  1. Thanks Will, I just managed to speak with him this midnight. Glad he’s ok. Cheers!

  2. how about Panembahan village condition, I have family there. Do you have information?

  3. eko-bs: panembahan itu di kecamatan apa ya ? kabar dari thomas, ada beberapa desa bernama panembahan. mungkin bisa tolong dibantu diperjelas, trims.

  4. Saya mohon sekali bantuan informasi dari siapa saja di Yogya untuk mencarikan alamat lengkap ataupun no. telp. kantor pengacara Heriadi-Budi dan Associates di Yogya. Saya ingin tau tentang nasib keluarga yg. kebetulan bekerja disitu. Terima kasih bagi yg. rela ngebantuin. Ini alamat email saya:

  5. Earthquake really scares me. I’ve experience one and its definitely something I don’t want to repeat. Right now, an earthquake in LA just happened and hopefully no lives were lost.

  6. Earthquakes are really scary things. More and more of them seem to be happening all over the world. Although these these are devastating to so many, it is great to see how people band together to help those in need.

  7. My first earthquake in southern California was the scariest! We were installing model homes and there was a gas leak in the street. The gas company roped off the area and they were digging up the street with a backhoe. We were in the model home 2 doors down when we heard a rumbling (loud) sound and thought the gas line blew up! We hit the ground and covered our heads….nothing happened! We went outside and found out it was a minor earthquake!

  8. Indonesia is in the ring of fire too. Many fault lines and many volcanoes. Same with me, where I grew up in the Philippines and now living in San Diego CA, USA. Fault lines everywhere that I guess at least once in the life of a regular resident might experience an major earthquake.

  9. I would truly hate to endure an environmental disaster such as an earthquake. It makes me appreciate what I have here at home.

  10. I just want to argue everyone that during this kind of nature’s disaster we should be working together and should help each other. Every nation should have sympathy to each other when any of the nation faces any disaster like earthquake, volcano, tsunami etc.

  11. These earthquakes have always been terrifying and scary. Millions of people have been killed in history due to such earthquakes. May God keep every one safe from such earthquakes. It takes a minute to destroy every thing but years are required to overcome and forget such disasters.

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