Disastrous holiday …

Last Monday until Tuesday I went to Sukabumi in a family event, also in relation to school holiday. We got ourselves a nice villa in the middle of nowhere, and started enjoying the break. The kids were running around and screaming as loud as possible. The parents enjoyed the gentle mountain breeze… until,

Suddenly my phone rang, and then came the news about the death of my client’s main server. The resulting crisis needs to be handled immediately.
The on-site staff unfortunately are not knowledgeable enough to handle this situation. And it takes too much time to go back to Jakarta.

So I quickly opened my laptop and try to connect to the Internet using my Pro XL subscription. The signal was pretty weak, only about 3 bar. Then I remember, that if I changed my phone’s orientation, sometimes the signal’s strength will change. So I started looking for the right place to put the phone, and finally got full signal when the phone was placed pointing to the corner of the room.
Don’t ask me why, I was just happy that I got full signal. Internet access became pretty fast, enough for me to access the office remotely.
I’m still quite surprised by the signal’s strength, considering my location. Thanks XL.

I quickly worked to restore the services originally hosted on that server. The main one is the company’s ERP – with the available backup, I managed to get it up and running again in another server.
Then I started looking to resurrect the dead server.

Unfortunately, the dead server seems to have its motherboard fried. With help from a friend, my staff managed to secure a SCSI card, plugged it into another server, plugged the SCSI hard drive – and voila, it runs. That temporary server booted from the SCSI hard drive just fine. Debian detected that it’s now on different server, did a few auto detection, and then everything runs as before. Every single bloody thing. Even when the servers are totally different – different motherboard, memory, processor, etc.
I can’t help but to fell in love again with Debian.

So I turned off the services on the other server, and redirected the users to the server running on the original hard drive. My staff then sent the dead server to the vendor for repairs.
Expecting a sad ending? Thankfully, that’s not the case here 🙂

17 thoughts on “Disastrous holiday …

  1. Hahaha… sounds familiar… in the midst of holiday with the family and then suddenly the phone rings… it’s tough being an IT professional, don’t you agree? 🙂 🙂

  2. Holiday… wow, i like holiday so much, And in Turkey have many many haliday place, all time
    people can make swimming and same time can make ski in onether city. Than here also many historical
    place all there. Who want to know some things about Turkey, i can help and can saying many
    secreet place. sincerely

  3. It indeed is tough to be an IT Professional, i am one myself and i have to wait all the way for Christmas to take off…:(

  4. What a very cool job you’ve got there. This is the job I’ve always wanted. Bringing laptop while enjoying holiday.. without neglecting our works. It’s like bringing our office anywhere!
    The idea of pointing your modem to nearest BTS is tricky and I must admit that it works!
    I was in my brother’s house at a small village when i needed a good internet connection, I took an aluminum saucepan from the kitchen, then i put the modem at the center of the traditional parabolic, and.. voila, I’ve got full signal!!`

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