A control panel for your webhosting business

A few years ago I was looking for a control panel for one of my server. This server is gonna be shared on the Internet, and many of its users are non-techies. So a control panel (like Plesk, cpanel, etc), will help them help themselves.

However, I was not able to find anything which suits me. The show stopper most of the time are either lack of an important feature, or the fact that the control panel software messes up your machine pretty good (cpanel, I’m looking at you).
Finally I understand why big webhosters tend to develop their own control panel.

So I gave it up, and administered it myself manually, with a few helper software that I cooked up myself. Still, it’s not ideal.

A few days ago I was looking at ISPconfig, because I’m interested to install it in a new server with Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. For a free control panel, I must say ISPconfig is pretty sweet.
But then I stumbled upon InterWorx-CP.

Interworx looks even better. For only about US$ 300, you get these: fantastico-like installer (user can install various web-app in one click), no-mess instalation (InterWorx is basically a bunch of php scripts), cluster-ready (sweet), and more.

If I need a commercial control panel in the future, InterWorx will be the first that gets evaluated.

5 thoughts on “A control panel for your webhosting business

  1. kalo klien tetep suka sama cpanel….

    lebih familiar… sama kayak OS, banyakan milih windows

  2. pak, gimana caranya kalo kita mau buat web hosting sendiri, web ini akan saya gunakan sendiri (jadi tidak perlu cpanel). Kalo bisa penjelasannya tentang bagaimana sewa bandwith, berapa biaya? darimana sewa bandwitdh dll

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