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Nowadays I returned home around 23:00, and most of the time my body would be too exhausted but my mind still attached to work, making me unable to sleep. To help put it to rest, usually I like to read, messing around with my computer a bit, or watch movies. Sometimes I’m able to slip a bit of exercise as well while watching the movies. I’d fell on the bed around 01:00.
Helen has been kind enough to rend DVDs for me from VideoEzy at the day, so we can watch it together later.

A movie that I’ve been wanting to watch for sometime now is The Core. I’ve been reading Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth, and couldn’t wait to see something like it visualized. But I was too busy to watch it when it was on the theater.
Finally, about 3 days ago, I got my hands on it.

It didn’t disappoint. Sure, there are flaws on its science. But then again, which sci-fi movie hasn’t ? The Core actually is a bit better – one of the professor which was consulted on the movie then submitted the ideas (on sending a probe into the core of the earth) to the prestigious science journal, Nature. It was accepted and published on 15 May 2003.

But what The Core really is non-stop thriller and action.
I was rather sceptical about how a movie about 6 people trapped in a small space could get interesting. But they pulled it off.
Hairy problems keep popping up, and somehow, McGyver-style, they manage to solve those with their (indeed) very limited resources. Although many of the crew ended up dead, but they accomplished their mission.

Special FX are in abundance from start to the end. Although not all are perfect, but they are amusingly different than the others – not just explosions and other standard effects, but things like hordes of pigeons attacking people 🙂 and such. Refreshing indeed.

And; there was not a single the-girl-bare-it-all scene. This movie survived on adrenaline alone – from beginning to the end. Good for me, I hate it when the producer throws that in just for the sake of “hey look, we got [insert_gorgeous _actress] naked in our movie *drool*“, even when it’s totally unnecessary. And most of the time it’s not even convincingly done.

These kind of scenes are plain annoyance. I was pleasantly surprised that The Core didn’t feel the need for such thing (or, perhaps it’s been censored? dunno).
Here’s wishing there’d be more movies like this – just the interesting stuff, with no distraction. Better yet, get more “normal” people in (not just the skeleton-skinny girls / hunky guys), but I’m dreaming here, I know. Beauty over quality. OK. Gotcha.

Next – Bubba Ho-Tep. Bruce Campbell was the King of one-liners in Army of Darkness (absolutely hilarious), and people said he’s still the same there. Just what I need after a day’s hard work. But to be honest, I have no idea where to find it in Indonesia, heh. Let me know if you do.

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  1. duh, dosa bener loe film bagus begitu belum ditonton juga, hehe… mau dong. gimana caranya, samperin ke kantor/rumah/dll ?

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