Data Recovery in Linux

Willy posted an article discussing how to recover lost data in Linux.

I just would like to add a few more software that you can try for this purpose:

1. [ Foremost ]
Developed by the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations and The Center for Information Systems Security Studies and Research, this may prove very beneficial in time of trouble.

2. [ DDrescue ]
This is the tool to use when you have a hard disk which is dying and have a load of bad sectors in it.
The tools is fully automatic, just run it and it will try its best to recover your data. It’s loaded with features; such as automatic merging (when there are several copies of the file, it will merge them to get the most complete version of the file), and robust recovery system; when run multiple times, it may be able to recover more of your data.
It also has logfile feature, which enable it to continue from the last point if it was interrupted.

Thanks to Willy for his post.

43 thoughts on “Data Recovery in Linux

  1. Data Recovery on computer systems running on the UNIX and LINUX systems are very different from data recovery in a Microsoft operating system. Linux is something like UNIX. It is a multitasking, multiuser 32 and 64 bit operating system. A variety of hardware platforms run on it. After being first developed in 1991, Linux has come a long way and has evolved. This is because of the Linux kernel. All softwares written for it are open source and therefore can always be updated by people all over the world. In a Linux system, the most important information required in order to recover files is the file system. GNU file systems like Ext2FS, Ext3, Reiser, IBM JFS (Journaled File System) and XFS are recoverable.
    If for some reason you are not sure of your file system, then the operating system should usually be enough to understand what is going on. SuSE, Novell/SuSe, Red Hat, Debian, Mandrake and Gentoo are supported. It is important to remember that Linux systems are based on hard disks and are therefore prone to hard disk failure. There are several reasons due to why data loss disasters occur. These can be due to server corruption errors, deleted files and partitions, Linux operating system failures, disk reformatting, file overwrites, physical damage from fire or flood, mechanical hard drive crash, virus contamination, software corruption and RAID, SAN, NAS and Server Failure. Most media types like Multi Disk RAID Arrays such as RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5 are recoverable along with Hard Disk Drives like IDE, SCSI, Firewire, Tape Cartridges and Libraries, SAN, NAS, Data servers and backups, Digital and Removable Media and many others. Nowadays there are many advanced softwares such as Recover Data available for your convenient use. Recover Data has now become a popular software for data recovery in Linux systems. It can restore deleted files even if emptied from the recycle bin, it can restore files from formatted hard drives, it can recover or restore files after a hard disk crash, it can recover documents, photos, video music and email and it can recover from hard drive, camera card, USB, Zip, floppy disk and other media.
    Similarly like for Linux systems, there are several softwares available for Data Recovery in UNIX systems. UNIX is an operating system designed in 1969 by AT&T at Bell Labs. This operating system is used generally for servers and workstations. The client-server model was an essential component in its development. Data recovery in UNIX systems is therefore a little more complicated that in other systems. Recover Data for UNIX is an advanced UNIX data recovery software for HTFS, EAFS and UFS file systems. It can recover deleted, corrupted and lost data from crashed hard disk drives which may be damaged due to virus contamination, physical damages, accidental deletion or unexpected system shutdown etc. The software is ideal as it performs a scan to locate lost or deleted partitions. The recovered data is then displayed in a tree like fashion so that it is easy for the user to navigate through the recovered files.
    Data is usually recovered in UNIX in a similar fashion by most softwares. Lost data is recovered from corrupt super blocks, files are recovered after damage in Inode structures, data is recovered in case of table errors, deleted or damaged partitions, volumes are recovered after corruption in Volume Table of Contents (VTOC), files and folders are recovered after damage in Block Group Descriptor, data is recovered after errors in Cylinder group, after OLT table is damaged, data is recovered, it can recover data after data loss and when FSCK is not able to repair the system data structures.

  2. A helpful site for data recovery subjects, especially about Linux. Linux is used for more secure security. Windows-type server can be used in department stores and less secured offices and establishments.

  3. is there some software to recover passwords on xNIX systems? i’m having a problem with my PC running Ubuntu and cannot solve this problem…

  4. I am searching for data recovery in Linux. Now I got it. Thank you for your post. This post will helpful to all. Recovering data from your computer can be a confusing experience at best. If we lost data in the computer we can’t retrieve. There are some possibilities to data recovery. For more information move to the given link.

  5. Hey There,

    You can also check out “The Coronor’s Toolkit” – It’s been around for a while and works on most linux and unix distro’s. It was intended to be a forensics tool, but it includes a program called “lazarus” that can do some amazing data recovery.

    Nice post 🙂

    , Mike

  6. Don’t ever forget that if you hear grinding or suspect phisical damage, you should always call a hardware data recovery expert. Software can cause further damage to your drives.

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  8. These are some good recovery software options, although, there are a few more Linux recovery software programs that have come out since this post was written. You should do a follow up post.

  9. Good information about linux recovery.I have recently lost my data from my linux operating system. My friend suggest me to use Linux data recovery software. I have recovered all my data with the help of this software.

  10. Hi, man you saved my life!!

    I had a dying HDD and I was looking for a tool to recover some data stored in it. DDRescue worked like a charm. The automerge feature is just amazing.

    Thanks for sharing it with us and thanks for allow me to post in your blog.

  11. dd_rescue is an excellent data recovery tool for disks that are stable but have failed sectors. It is well worth using the logging options for getting a bad sector list and reporting read errors. Care is needed if a disk is failing as if the data is important a profesisonal data recovery service might be more appropriate than going down the DIY route.
    With reagrd to unix and linux data recovery software we have tried many applicaitons and ended up writing our own as most for sale applications don’t actually tell you what is going on, and when you examine the data then develop your own program it is amazing how much better the results often are.

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  17. Thanks for posting! I moving to Linux from Windows, sometimes it gets pretty troublesome, espesially when it comes to data recovery.

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  19. saya punya harddisk yang tadinya terdiri dari 5 partisi, 3NTFS, 1FAT32, 1EXT3, lalu entah kenapa semua partisi itu hilang, haruskah saya memformatnya sebelum direcovery? kalau iya dengan filesistem apa yang harus format itu HD? . . . apakah ddrescue bisa dipakai untuk recovery semua data dalam 3 tipe filesistem yang berbeda itu? Maap saya nubie soal revovery, mohon bantuannya

  20. Don’t worried when your Mac data is corrupted, deleted, formatted or crashed, you will be able to recover lost data with Nice to Recover Data for Mac in a few teps. Other than recovering your personal data, it can recover corrupted operating system files as well.This compact(only 3M) data recovery software designed for Mac has four main functions and is easy-to-use.
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