Oracle hijacking RedHat Enterprise Linux

I just realize that there’s a new distro called Oracle Unbreakable Linux.

Oracle, now realizing that they’re completely incapable of creating an unbreakable product, decided to hijack other’s product, and labeled it as unbreakable.
And when it breaks, they’ll smugly point their fingers to RedHat. Dilbert’s boss would be so proud.

This is why I don’t like Larry Ellison as much as I don’t like Bill Gates.

Anyway, if I’m a business owner, I’ll choose RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) over Oracle’s. Because what Oracle’s doing is pretty risky.
An example; if suddenly RedHat chooses to change the license for some of its own products in RHEL, this would keep Oracle from having it. Which would leave Oracle Linux’s customers (you) with an incomplete product.

Oracle, of course, may create its own version of those products. But it will instantly cause their mission to fail :

“We think it’s important not to fragment the market,” said Oracle’s Chief Corporate Architect Edward Screven. “We will maintain compatibility with Red Hat Linux. Every time Red Hat distributes a new version we will resynchronize with their code.

PS: What Oracle’s doing is indeed legal. But, to me, it’s not ethical.
The company owned by the ninth richest man in the world, hijacking a small company’s product ? That just tells you how technically incapable they are, really.

6 thoughts on “Oracle hijacking RedHat Enterprise Linux

  1. It’s actually free. Centos is another Linux distro which is based on RHEL. The price is for convenience.
    However, CentOS is also free (as in beer) to obtain, unlike Oracle’s.
    I don’t use CentOS for the same reason I don’t use Oracle’s (risky).

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