3B – Bed, Bathroom. Bus

Visiting my parents a few days ago, I happen to watch an expert being interviewed on how to maximize our brain potentials. In short, according to their research, the brain perform best on 3B – Bed, Bathroom, and Bus. How come ?

Basically, those places are where we stop, and gave the brain time to reflect and analyze the data gathered so far (instead of busy doing everything else).

The Bed

You may have heard the saying “just sleep on the problem” — there’s truth to it. Even Michaelangelo used to sleep while he was working on his painting (if only we can do that in our cubicles..). Being on the bed / sleeping forces our brain to stop doing anything. Therefore, it’ll instead use this opportunity to do data analysis. It ended up as dreams sometimes. But after we woke up, many times we’ll have better understanding (and potential solution) to the problem.

A bit of deviation from the topic – praying have same (if not better) effect; especially since it takes very little time (10 – 15 minutes). When we pray, we’re forced to forget about our businesses, and focus only on a single point. This gives us clarity on that moment.
My friend once said (rather jokingly, but also seriously) that if you want to find the stuff that you’re missing – then pray. You’ll remember where you left it when you’re praying.

The Bathroom

My wife used to complain that I took so much time to bath. Well, beside the fact that I like things clean, it’s also my experience that I tend to get the best ideas when I was in the bathroom. Other variations might be the spa, sauna, etc.
It’s for the same reason as the Bedroom, in the bathroom we’re relaxed and thus able to think more clearly. Forcing your brain to be in overdrive all day long is not really healthy. The 3B give us breaks from it.

Nowadays she no longer complain about it. But I also try to avoid using the bathroom on “peak-hours” 🙂

The Bus

Basically just another place where you are relaxed and can think about things more clearly. While on the bus (or subway, train, whatever), you’re only standing up / sitting down, and doing very little else. Thus you’ll also tend to have the “eureka!” moments here.

So, how about you ?

81 thoughts on “3B – Bed, Bathroom. Bus

  1. Bathroom works best for me. The few times to getaway from getting involved with kids and got distressed 😀

    Second best is bed, if I don’t fall asleep as soon as I touch the matress :p

  2. saya kapok tidur di bis..
    waktu dari rumah mau ke kos dulu.. kan naik patas AC 44 Senen-Cileduk. Disitu saya tidur, tau-tau ada yang bangunin.. mas-mas.. sambil menjulurkan tangannya..

    Kirain kondektur bis! Soalnya dia minta duit dari penumpang yg lagi tidur.. Rogoh kantong, ambil duit yang cuma 20rb-20rbnya..

    Kasih orang itu.. dia kemudian pergi ke belakang bis.. kirain mo ngitung kembalian.. gak lama tau-tau ada seorang yang serem pake kemeja bertuliskan jelas “MAYASARI BAKTI” sambil berkata.. “Mas, ongkosnya??”

    Wayah!!! Tadi siapa???

    Buru-buru tengok kebelakang..
    Siyal! ternyata itu tukang “ngamen” yang gak ngamen..
    Dan tukang “ngamen” tadi udah turun..

    Hiks.. akhirnya saya jadi curhat sama kondektur..
    untung kondekturnya pengertian…
    “Lain kali ati-ati mas..”, nasihat kondektur tsb..

    Turun di Kreo, saya langsung naik ojek sampe kosan..
    Trus sampe kos, buru-buru pinjem duit temen buat bayar ojek..

    ** Weksss… jadi bikin blog disini.. ?? **

    Intinya kapok tidur di bis

  3. Hmmm … tidur?
    Saya sih manusia bidang datar, selama ada bidang datar, tidur pun pulas! hehehe

  4. Seperti tulisan Iwan Setiawan (baca diblog Jay) kalau gag salah..
    Soekarno – Revolusi dari kamar tidur!

    Niwe bener tuh om risiyanto, toilet tuh juga cucok untuk relax..

  5. too bad i always sleep during trip ( bus, train, plane )..and I never really have a good time in bed because most of the time i get falling into sleep at sofa, bench, car,studio, parking lot, hill ( waiting sunrise for shooting )..and bathroom ? Im kind of quick user of any kind of bathroom or WC…

  6. Nope, I prefer “time” rather than “place”. For example at morning, I can work virtually anywhere and churn out many quality (muwahaha!) piece of articles. On the contrary, however cozy the place is, I can’t churn out any articles at night (just using that time slot for my research)

  7. The bathroom works for me too, I love to take a long hot bath with lavender oil, or something else that smells lovely! 🙂

  8. I tend to sing more often in the bathroom, but if I were to have a bathtub, that might be very different. I’ve often had the best ideas or clarity whenever I’ve been relaxing in a bathtub but those times were usually in a hotel. 🙂

    The bus is a great one for me. During the longer bus trips, I often find myself drifting off thinking about certain issues and coming out clearer about them.

  9. I definitely agree, the bathroom can sometimes be the absolute best place to think! I do find when I lay in bed at night before I fall asleep is also a very productive time for me 🙂

  10. The bathroom has always been a relaxing place to me. Growing up my father would read the daily paper in the bathroom because he technically couldn’t be working while in the bathroom (he was a workaholic). I used to read Popular Science and Wired while in the bathroom but now I discover that I usually bring my laptop and continue to work…… thank you wi-fi. I’m worried about getting internet access while on flights in the US soon. It’s one more place I will not be able to relax.


  11. All 3Bs work for me. It seems that I always think, although I don’t like to think too much, I can’t help but to think.

  12. Wanna know another one of my favorite places that I have an endless flow of ideas? The shower.. Seriously I have no idea why and it gets so annoying having so many great ideas and then later forgetting about them. I’m gonig to make a product that I can write on in the shower and wifi’s up to my computer to save for later analysis.

  13. I agree that the bed is a great place to rest and recharge along with doing a lot of thinking. I would even say the bathroom too depending on the situation.. hehehe…

    As for a bus, I really haven’t had that much experience with travel on buses. I would expect that there is a lot of time to sit back and be reflective though. Some interesting thoughts. I’d add kicking back in a recliner.

  14. Nice post. I’d definitely say bathroom…i always to my best thinking in there! Infact thats where i came up with my dissertation title.

  15. I’m the same way, it’s all about a long bath/shower and relaxing. I have some of my best ideas while relaxing in the bath. Now I’m looking for a solution that will allow me to remember the thoughts Ihave while in the bath..

  16. Good topic. I would say in bed just before sleeping but like one post said, you then have the problem of remembering your great idea that you had the night before. I used to do a bit of song writing and the best way for me was the pad and pen on the bed side table @~}

  17. Another great place to relax and gather your thoughts is in the sauna. Why the recent surge in popularity? Many sauna enthusiasts and doctors have heralded the abundance of health benefits of saunas. Perhaps the most obvious and immediate advantage is the sense of calm that comes with prolonged exposure to therapeutic heat. In today’s fast-paced, hectic lifestyles, unprecedented levels of stress have the potential to weaken our immune systems, making us more vulnerable to illnesses and disease. Regular sauna sessions can help to reduce these high stress levels, contributing to an overall enhanced sense of well-being and a greater resistance to sickness. Sweating also helps the body to release heat, regulating our core temperature.

  18. Bathroom? Well…yang namanya kamar mandi haruslah bersih plus sueger. Karena pas ada tamu and kebetulan tamunya pengen pipis trus masuk kamar mandi…lha…itulah cerminan diri kita…So, what will we do?

  19. Its funny with all the mentions of sleeping. I actually tend to fall asleep in the bath and on the train (and of course, the bed).
    But when i am awake, i do find these great places to get all my thinking done. Sometimes, i wonder, especially with such long travelling times on the train, whether i am doing too much thinking. And overanalysing my life.

    But it is great to hear that an actual expert has studied this as i can really relate to these places, especially when i am trying to think of new stories to write.

  20. I say the bed. When we sleep, we let our minds relax and our brains need to recharge for another day of working the following morning.

  21. I couldn’t agree any better. Our brains are best relaxed when we are sleeping in BED. The cool running water in the BATHROOM keep us cool and calm. The different views we see beyond the glass windows of the BUS make us appreciate everything around us.

  22. the bath is the best place for a long reflection of the day,look the door and soak the stress out.Lucy

  23. I seldom have those moments of sheer “eureka” in the bathroom unlike Archimedes. I normally take cold showers so I don’t expect to stay long, wet and cold.

  24. i like things clean, it’s also my experience that I tend to get the best ideas when I was in the bathroom. Other variations might be the spa, sauna, etc.

  25. Bathroom is best place to get laid……Well decorated bathroom makes it 10 times more enjoyable

  26. The b’s, bedroom, bathroom, and bus is a very interesting concept. However I wonder if the type of flooring has anything to do with if, for example does it make a difference if the house has laminate flooring or hardwood flooring?

  27. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I love the way you write post!

  28. I think that the bus would be a great place, certainly works for me but I don’t use them very much. Ok, now I have kids, that rules the bed out, the only thing that I do in bed is sleep, same as with most young parents. That leaves the bath, I have a lovely stone bath that is custom made, cost a lot of money but worth it. I never used it though until last week because i was so busy. then I though I’d de-stress and have a bath, I think I’ll try it again for inspiration tonight!!!

  29. well i cant remember the last time i got on a bus and as for in bed the second my head touches the pillow i am fast asleep so it must be the bathroom for me!!!!

    Jen x

  30. Good afternoon, thank you for sharing this story with Sostres an excellent article, thank you for sharing this with us.

  31. I read once that rituals we do daily are the best times for moments like this. That is why in Japan the tea ceremony is such a meditative state because they do it every day and can turn of their minds from the task at hand. In America, they say it is during our commutes, that our mind goes off into these meditative states. Anything you do without thinking about it.

  32. I totally believe this. I’ve often thought that I have the sort of Columbo style of thinking. It takes me some time, but I usually get there in the end. Teachers at school tell you not to day dream, but I find it really helps me solve problems and I’ve had a few eureka style moments especially about my business esp when it comes to making money. Give it a go.

  33. 3B rules! I totally agree, it does not work for me in the bus, though 🙂 cannot relax in a crowd you know.. but I should definitely learn! 🙂

  34. I think that relaxation is the best way to clear your mind. In this way you could think better ideas and all your stress will lessen.

  35. Bathroom is good but only in the morning, for me. I spend far too long having my shower as I make my plans for the day. As far as inspiration goes, it’s downhill all the way from then on.

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