Zooomr : Uploading on Linux / Mac / Windows

I originally tried to post it on Zooomr’s Epicenter, but I kept on getting error message “This page was not found”. So here it is :

(btw; this is originally a reply to michelinux’s blog post, on the topic of uploading to Zooomr from Linux)

I feel sorry to those who had to do these hoops just to upload their photos to zooomr – btw; michelinux, this is not an offense to you, I’m thankful to people who share their knowledge and help others.

I feel sorry because there’s a superior solution already in linux, which is jUploadr, but Zooomr chose not to support it.
There’s just no way I’m going to upload my photos with the web form.

I feel sorry to the developer of jUploadr who’s getting the heat from people upset because of that, while it’s really the fault of Zooomr.

I think Zooomr needs to find more viable revenue streams, and market them effectively. It’d be a shame if the service fold up in the future due to cashflow problems.

A few ideas, I’ve been using sites such as LuckyOliver.com to get the stock photos I need for my web design business. And I’ve been giving them more money than flickr’s subscription fee, since I’m getting excellent values from that service.
I’ve also paid people via DeviantArts for their beautiful photos.

From what I’ve seen, there are beautiful images in Zooomr archive, but there’s no easy interface for me to browse around & purchase them. There’s a “use this photo as my avatar?” link, but there’s no “purchase this photo?”.

If there’s something like http://stockphotos.zooomr.com which makes it easy for me, than I’m switching to zooomr for my stock photo needs.

Also, zooomr can create themed stock photo CDs/DVDs, which you can buy for a good price. Similar offerings on competing sites are still costing hundreds of dollars, so there’s a chance here.

Seeing the good community it already created, I’m sure they would be happy to help spread the word.

Anyway, if jUploadr is not enabled in Zooomr soon, I’d have to subscribe to flickr instead. I’ve got many photos pending because I can’t upload them easily to zooomr.

Best wishes to zooomr, I’d hate to see the only worthy competition to flickr to go away because of these problems.

17 thoughts on “Zooomr : Uploading on Linux / Mac / Windows

  1. I’m seriously thinking about moving over to Flickr now. I’ve been with Zooomr since toward the beginning, patiently awaiting the promised improvements to service, but… well, I’m just not sure anymore. Flickr is looking very appealing. I am beyond astounded that juploadr is no longer working with zooomr and it’s stopped me completely from uploading more than one or two pics every now and again. Frustrating!

  2. As Iḿ typing this, Iḿ in the process of subscribing to the paying account of flickr.com
    I suggest that Zooomr makes an Upload Key, which will be needed when one is uploading through a tool (such as juploadr). This upload key is a feature of the PRO account.
    This gives people choice – those who can pay (for any reasons) can still use Zooomr for free and use its web-based upload form. While the power users can pay and enjoy more convenient upload facility.
    When Zooomr do this, I will be among the first to subscribe.
    And oh, I think Zooomr should really provide upload plugins too; such as for iPhoto and others. I know Kris is mighty busy, so perhaps they can outsource it / enable the community to do so.
    And they need to do this ASAP, before their momentum diminish even further.

  3. Nice post man. Zooomr was formed in 2005 by Kristopher Tate of BlueBridge Technologies Group. The site is comparable to other photo and image distribution websites with lots of so-called Web 2.0 features like tagging, Ajax, RSS, and GeoTagging. Extraordinarily, Zooomr has a multi-login ability, by means of a service called OpenID.

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