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I don’t watch TV nowadays for relaxation / breaks since we intentionally didn’t buy one for our new home. Instead, we browse the Internet. It’s never boring, there are WAY too many better contents out there than in TV channels.
One of my current fave is Some of the videos there are so hilariously funny, it’s unbelievable. Great for those 5 minutes breaks.

A few example :


Chair Jumping

The harder way to order a Big Mac

Best aim ever with a champagne bottle
Hey, your jaw just dropped to the floor !

Those Crazy Japanese

People are commenting Japanese movies on that there are no way they’ll see them on US televisions, due to the possibility of lawsuit. Thanks God there’s

Rocket Chair
Wait until after the middle of the movie, that’s where it become really crazy !

Japanese obstacle course from hell
This is one tough guy, amazing.

Japanese Tetris
We were reduced to roar of laughters watching this. Hazardous to watch while eating / drinking 😀

The Accurate Japanese
As one commenter said – “dang japanese people – why do they have to be
so smart and accurate??”


Looks simple, but I know it’s REALLY hard to do. Wow.

Amazing Waterfall
1.5 mile of waterfall. Breathtaking !

Korean Freestyle Slalom Rollerblading
I’m speechless …

Freestyle street biking
I think they shot this at Birmingham, I recognize some of the places. They’re using a special bicycle it seems to do these amazing feats.


Arctic Surfing
Cool, and VERY scary at the same time

And the best :

I want to buy an Isuzu Gemini NOW

Isuzu Gemini : Dancing in Paris

\/\/ ( ) \/\/ !!!

Eyes, feast. So many high-level driving skills shown in this movie.
Including jumping a REALLY wide river, using a boat in the middle as a platform to enable the drivers to reach the other side, coordinated driving in an airstrip, shows off on the streets (and subway!) of Paris, and many more. Amazing cinematography as well.

I used to love watching Machine Hayabusa as a kid, where the hero do impossible feats such us racing on two wheels, driving in a really narrow street with only a few centimeters to spare on each side.
This movie shows that it’s not impossible, in fact there’s a scene where the drivers did BOTH. Bloody hell !

Guys, this movie was made in the eighties. Shouldn’t somebody make a new, better one ?? Or is it impossible to top this ??

Anyway, EVERYONE should see this. Now. 😀

Enjoy !

24 thoughts on “Funniest videos

  1. Machine Hayabusa,… lol.

    Now that you’ve mentioned it, it sure brings back a lot of sweet childhood memories for sure 😀

    Dulu ada adegan waktu jagoannya lewat di pinggir tebing dengan dua roda. Ckckck… 😀

  2. Mas hari, kalo mau saya download ke rumah, supaya anak istri bisa nimkati juga kok nggak bisa mas?
    mbok saya di tunjuki caranya mas

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  4. Excellent men, this is the top of the funiest. Thanks for share i can stop to laught.

  5. Thanks for sharing these videos, is new to me, till now I knew about very few video sites. Anyway Mac one was probably crazy one lol, and yeah Arctic Surfing is difficult but fun for those who know how to do it. I don’t so yeah it’s hell scary for me.

  6. Never laughed like this in my life, this article has the funnier content I’ve ever watched. And I agree, TV isn’t close to internet nowadays.

  7. Anyway Mac one was probably crazy one lol, and yeah Arctic Surfing is difficult but fun for those who know how to do it. I don’t so yeah it’s hell scary for me.

  8. Hey! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group? There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Thanks

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