BSA Sued by Indonesian company

I thought I’d never see the day – BSA (Business Software Alliance) is currently being sued by an Indonesian company, Multisari, due to the illegal raids carried out to find illegal / pirated software.

I know, I know – what an irony indeed, right ? 🙂 breaking the law to find the breakers of the law, gosh.
What a bunch of genius. 😀

Context : Here in Indonesia, some(often?)times there are rogue officials, from BSA or Police, who conducted the checks (raids) illegally.

Imagine having your computers / servers seized suddenly, due to suspicion of having illegal software in it.
What a nasty way to halt a company’s daily operation eh? Yet that’s what happened with a lot of companies here.

No search warrant. No warning whatsoever.
Just some officers suddenly showing up in your office, do some quick check – and there goes your computers.

However, most of the victims chose to stay silent. Or, do a backhand deal with said officers, involving some cash of course, to secure the return of their computer.

Some of the victims of these illegal BSA raids also chose to migrate to Linux 🙂 which then are welcomed warmly by the local F/OSS community.
Thanks BSA for sending them our way ! Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer would be SO happy that you did such a great job 😀

Anyway, Multisari chose to stood its ground. It chose to strike back at these BSA bullies. And I’m so happy to be able to witness such a day. Good for them !

Quoted :

“In case number 517/Pdt.G/2011/PN.Jkt.Pst, Multisari Langgeng Inc. sued BSA Singapore, BSA Indonesia, and BSA Washington DC”

“Multisari sued BSA because of the raids conducted by BSA Singapore (**) and BSA Indonesia to its office on September 22dn, 2011”

(**) What the hell is BSA Singapore doing here, raiding Indonesian companies, on Indonesian soil ?
This is an outrage.

Source :
(hint: Google Translate is your friend)

336 thoughts on “BSA Sued by Indonesian company

  1. I don’t use linux, however I feel like i am going to use linux after reading this article, hehehe nice insight Mas Herry 🙂

  2. Very interesting article. I hope BSA learn a lot and become wiser in the future. They cannot just do anything they like to other.

  3. artikelnya mantap,gan. bahasa inggrisnya topcer juga.. jadi pengen jago bahasa inggris nih biar bisa bikin artikel bahasa inggris juga..hehe.

  4. wah gazwat nich…. palagi petugas di Indonesia itu kan kebanyakan blo’on soal IT… mrk disuruh nyita ya nyita aja…

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  6. I thought the BSA was Buy Sell Ads, anyway if the situation happened exactly like you are describing now mr.Haryy, I must agree over Multisari’s decision to strike back the intruder inspectors.

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    pengen lihat foto dan video hot? berkunjung ke blog ane gan…………pokoknya lengkap deh

  8. Sudah saatnya mengurangi ketergantungan kpd Microsoft. sayangnya, utk operating system, Windows masih lebih user friendly dibanding Linux versi mana pun bagi newbie. Saya berlangganan SMADAV (dgn donasi). sy bersedia donasi ke versi linux yg “benar2” user friendly.

    Nice info, bravo!

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  13. baru tahu ada kasus beginian om,,,

    kirain cuman ada tilang menilang di jalanan doang, ternyata ada tilang-tilangan server juga toh?

    Kalo saya pribadi seh mending pake linux aja dhe, lebih bebas, kalo di jalan mungkin bisa disamain dengan “jalan kaki di jalanan yang lagi macet” 😀

  14. I can see the bad things of the illegal software. Your computer will melt down one bad day. All the illegal software have dangerous code can steal your private information. Hackers who break the software for you will control it and use it for bad purposes.

  15. When your computer have illegal software, malware can be install automatically. Hackers steal your password, bank account, and other private information. By the way, if you was catch by the police, the penalty seem very expensive.

  16. I’m a business man and i think about the penalty. It’s good or bad investment? How about you?

  17. If it were here in Brazil most of the population would be arrested for it. I find it hard to remedy such a situation – much more complicated methods using deplorable. The best would be to prevent and offer something that can be pirated at an affordable price, and better to buy the original.

  18. Imagine having the computer seized by police in this way. Piracy is becoming more and not even knowing the government is dealing with it.

  19. memang sekarang kejahatan di internet semakin lama semakin meningkat, makanya kita harus semakin waspada pula. thanks for share mas.

  20. wah infonya bagus sekali..
    sangat bermanfaat & lengkap banget..
    makasih ya 🙂
    salam kenal ya 🙂
    namaku : Ryuzaki

    #Happy Bloging

  21. I don’t have knowladge about company , but I can learn fro this article , tahnk’s bro for best artikle ever .

  22. You know what it means when people say that Singapore is like 50 years ahead of Indonesia.
    Well done ! Good article indeed, buddy

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    Ane lagi belajar Inggris untuk bisnis nih . . . boleh buat nambah-nambah kosakata . Thanks.

  24. its amazing article…
    but why indonesian not use linux…hemmm …i’m still confuse..any can help me??

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  27. atas ane maho yak? ngomong apaan tuh…?

    if they need money, any company can stop their operation for a while(or forever), until they got what they want(money of course). And yes, it’s usually happen in Indonesia…

  28. Thanks you for such useful information. In fact, it is easy for hacker to intrude our computer if we use illegal software, be careful

  29. It is just a promotional stunt by Multisari. They did a mistake and their company goodwill has reduced. So they need to make up for it. And the way was to file a suite against the company that raided and highlighted their mistake.

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  37. so far i knew before, mostly in asian countries are still using pirates softwares for their PC.

    no insult, but i heard in indonesia there is a market that specialize in selling all pirates softwares in one place and that place could be the biggest one in southeast asia.

  38. Wuaahhh… Pake bahasa inggris sempet2nya mpe aktifin terjemahanya di browser… siiipppp informasi indonesia untuk Dunia

  39. wah gan thanks infonya..
    tapi memang masalah legalitas software di Indonesia masih sangat lemah.
    terbukti makin banyaknya software2 ilegal yang dijual bebas di pasaran..

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  41. We can have a deal with Indonesian companies because they show determination to bye SSJ100 even after crashed.

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  46. Amazing they can just do that with out any legal search warrant.

    The software market is crazy and with ridicules pricing specially for small or new companies.

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