Apple (trademark tahun 2007) menyerang iFone (trademark tahun 2003) di pengadilan…

Apple (trademark tahun 2007) menyerang iFone (trademark tahun 2003) di pengadilan Meksiko — kalah berkali-kali 🙂 dan akhirnya terancam musti membayar denda / kompensasi 😀

Karma is a bitch #LOL

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Karma can be such a bitch

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Apple’s Lost the Ability to Sell Under the iPhone Name in Mexico Thanks to Fight They Picked
Part of the whole trademark nonsense is the idea that they have to be aggressively enforced lest they be lost to the company that filed them. It’s why a number of lawsuits are filed about brand names …

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9 thoughts on “Apple (trademark tahun 2007) menyerang iFone (trademark tahun 2003) di pengadilan…

  1. My bad, thanks folks. I've revised the original post.

    Anyway, it's still clear that Apple is a sadistic bully, (1) They're trying to sue someone who already have the trademark 4 years before Apple did, and (2) It's iFone for God's sake, not "iPhone".

    Knowing how expensive, troublesome, and threatening these legal battles can be, iFone deserves to be richly compensated in Apple's expense.

  2. IMO, homofon itu alasan tepat tuk mempermasalahkan merk dagang. Salah satu alasan mengapa merk dagang itu bisa dan perlu didaftarkan dan juga bisa dipermasalahkan kan emang tuk menghindari kebingungan dari sisi user/publik.

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