Cutting a Table out of a mysqldump output file

I was restoring the backup of a MySQL 5.x server into MySQL 8.x server – and found out that it corrupt the MySQL 8.x ‘s mysql table

Which stores the usernames and passwords.

So I had to delete the mysql table from the backup, before trying to restore it again

Turn out it’s pretty easy, just will take some time since it’s a pretty big backup :

# search for beginning of 'mysql' table
cat backup.mysql | grep -n Current Database: `mysql`

# 155604:-- Current Database: `mysql`

# search for ending of 'mysql' table
tail -n +155604 backup.mysql | grep -n "Current Database"

# 1:  -- Current Database: `mysql`
# 916:-- Current Database: `phpmyadmin`

# cut that table out
head -155603 backup.mysql                > new.mysql
tail -n +$(( 155603+916 )) backup.mysql >> new.mysql

# voila !

8 thoughts on “Cutting a Table out of a mysqldump output file

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