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"Linux and the Future of Computing" — Linus Torvalds :…

"Linux and the Future of Computing" — Linus Torvalds :

Some quotes : 

..the real impact Linux has had is that it has enabled people to experiment and use the code-base that we've developed to build upon, and do more interesting things. I quoted Edison earlier, but my real favourite quote is from Isaac Newton: "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants".

..big part of the success of Linux has been the choice of licence… And the choice of the GNU Public Licence v2 (GPLv2) really is very important. It's what protects everybody from a wild free-for-all. Anybody can use it, and anybody can make improvements to it, but you have to make those improvements available to others.

The biggest impact of Linux has often been in areas that most users aren't necessarily even aware of. For example, in pure numbers, Android is likely the use of Linux that has the most people actually interacting with it directly every day (at some point Google was saying that they had half a million Android activations every day), yet almost nobody really thinks of it as being based on a Linux kernel. Sure, you can go into the settings menu and see the kernel version, but how many users really care?

And the thing is, users generally shouldn't care. They really shouldn't care what operating system they are running, they should care about the work they get done. 

People used to make jokes about even toasters having computers in them in the future and while that still is something of a joke, if it ever happens, I hope that toaster will be running Linux.

What's so interesting – and so good – is how open source really means that all these different interests can "meld", and the end result is really much better for it. Exactly because there is not just one company with one single vision, but lots of people with different ideas, and that balances the end result out.

..a lot of it will really be about humans, not the technology itself. The technology just makes things possible.

Linus Torvalds on Linux and the future of computing
In the second part of a three-part interview, Linux creator and Millennium Technology Prize winner Linus Torvalds talks about real-world Linux and looks…

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Datang ke bioskop untuk menonton "The Hobbit" dengan agak segan – keluar…

Datang ke bioskop untuk menonton "The Hobbit" dengan agak segan – keluar dengan sangat terkesan. Peter Jackson memang jaminan mutu :) 

warning : film ini durasinya nyaris 3 jam, jadi jangan lupa ke toilet dulu sebelum masuk ke bioskop 🙂

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The film opens with an account of Thror becoming King under the Mountain and an era of prosperity for the Dwarves. However, this era is cut short with the arrival of Smaug the dragon, who drives Thror…

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Harpa Gelas / Glass Harp :) Canon in D on glass harp

Harpa Gelas / Glass Harp :) Canon in D on glass harp

Yuki & Taksuki @ Singapore : Yuki and Tatsuki in Singapore

Talented Mr Musician Insane Street Musician in Washington D.C.

Mozart @ Glass Harp Street Performer Playing Mozart on Water Glasses

Seperti kata Misael Ramos :

I wish people like this were appreciated for their true talent and this BEAUTIFUL piece of music and not blonde canadian faggots for saying word baby the most times in a song #LOL 

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Swiss City Mandates Use Of #OpenSource, Banishes Microsoft Officially

Reshared post from +Linux News Here

Swiss City Mandates Use Of #OpenSource, Banishes Microsoft Officially


Europe Moving Forward

In an overwhelming majority vote, the city council in Bern, Switzerland has moved to implement all future infrastructure with open source technologies.  The “Party Motion”, as it is called in Switzerland, was submitted over a year ago, and has finally been realized.  Plans to move forward with open source design, strategy and implementation should begin immediately.

The party motion called for the following bullet-points.  These have been translated via Google Translate from German, so please consider that as you read them.

Development of an open source development strategy provides for that as a rule in all future procurements operating system and browser-independent solutions are chosen, will be announced in public tenders as product and vendor neutral and explicitly open source solutions are accepted with equivalent functional properties and similar cost structures, the open source version is preferred and specially developed software or on a contract code under an open source license is released.

Active implementation of the open source development strategy by in computer science services, a competence center open source is created using knowledge building will experience using open source technologies gained through pilot projects and studies new areas of open source solutions are identified and adequate finances for the implementation measures are provided.

National and international network of computer science services in bodies that work together for the promotion and government cooperation in the field of open source.

In education, promote the use of and the transition to open source software with targeted support and train teachers with information and training measures on open source software.

The final council vote ended at 36 for and 20 opposed, effectively changing the technological landscape, and skilled workforce needs, in Bern forever.  Now the only question left is what soft of software will they be using?  What desktop environment will be used on workstations?  We would venture a guess at #KDE, which is not exactly an educated guess but more of an acknowledgement of their German heritage and native tongue.

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Snapito! Full length website screenshots
Just enter a website address into the box above and click on the Snap! button to take a screenshot. To pin a website on Pinterest just use the dropdown on the right of the Snap! button and select eith…

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Terkait soal wacana pencalonan Rhoma Irama sebagai calon presiden RI – satu pertanyaan…

Terkait soal wacana pencalonan Rhoma Irama sebagai calon presiden RI – satu pertanyaan saja : apakah tidak ada calon pemimpin dari umat Islam yang lebih berkualitas daripada ini ? 

Masalah-masalah dengan Rhoma Irama :

(#) Bohong : soal nikah siri : ketika tertangkap basah sedang berduaan dengan Angel Lelga, mengaku sedang berdakwah ke ybs (padahal nikah siri)

(#) Nikah siri : menurut Islam, suatu pernikahan baru sah / syarat sah nikah adalah adanya 2 saksi (HR Thabrani & HR Imam Ahmad)

(#) Ngawur : mengatakan Singapura merdeka dari Malaysia. Padahal, Malaysia yang menendang keluar Singapura, sehingga mereka terpaksa jadi mandiri :

" Dulu Johor Malaysia awalnya ekonominya dikuasai Cina kemudian politik dikuasainya pula sehingga lahirlah negara Singapura "

" Kalau secara politik sudah dikuasai Cina, maka bukan mustahil suatu saat Jakarta akan menjadi Singapuranya Indonesia, sehingga akan menjadi negara sendiri "

(#) Bohong : mengaku tidak takut dengan Panwaslu, dan tidak takut dengan sanksi yang bisa dijatuhkan oleh Panwaslu – dan lalu menangis ketika (baru) dipanggil oleh Panwaslu :

(#) Rasis : apa perlunya ya menyebutkan asal suku Jokowi, Ahok, Foke, Nara, dll seperti ini ? Hari gini masih bahas soal kesukuan ?

(#) Memfitnah : ibu Jokowi dikatakan kafir – padahal beliau muslim :

Apa belum cukup sering kita memilih orang-orang yang bermasalah sebagai pemimpin kita ? Apa masih belum cukup kita menderita selama ini ?

Angel Lelga – Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas
[sunting] Karier. Tahun 2007 Angel berencana untuk mengeluarkan album solo……, sementara Pongki (Jikustik) mensuplai lagu untuknya. Singel andalan bertajuk “Cinta Tanpa Ikatan” telah dipilih. Menur…

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ITU : jangan utak-atik Internet kami !…

ITU : jangan utak-atik Internet kami !

Komunitas Avaaz sukses mengagalkan berbagai usaha sebelumnya oleh berbagai rezim untuk menjajah Internet. Kini Kemerdekaan Internet kembali diserang, oleh beberapa negara di pertemuan ITU di Dubai. 

Mari kita petisi lagi melalui Avaaz, untuk menggagalkan kembali usaha mereka 🙂

Click here to save the free Internet!
Authoritarian regimes are pushing a binding global treaty for governments to control the internet. We’ve stopped threats like this before, and we can again — but only with a massive global outcry in …

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Thank you Seven of Nine for the info : Tricorder di Star Trek sudah menjadi kenyataan…

Thank you Seven of Nine for the info : Tricorder di Star Trek sudah menjadi kenyataan : 

Reshared post from +Jeri Ryan

Holy crap. They actually made a tricorder! 
#StarTrek  technology FTW!
(via +Declan de Barra on Twitter)

Holy Spock! The Star Trek Medical Tricorder Is Real, And It’s Only $150
The device you’re looking at is called the Scanadu SCOUT and, basically, it’s a medical tricorder that will give you precise vital information about any human being within seconds, just on contact.

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Saw a girl on the KRL yesterday wearing a jacket with lots of words on it, including…

Saw a girl on the KRL yesterday wearing a jacket with lots of words on it, including " BANG ME !!". No kidding. I almost dropped my jaw on the floor. 
(I don't think she knew what it meant, LOL)

Other words on her jacket are "I love french kissing", "get naked", etc. 

Moral of the story : DO find out the meaning of the words on your t-shirt / jacket / etc ! 😀

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Here's a new way to automatically send your Google+ posts to Twitter and (ugh)…

Reshared post from +Dan McDermott

Here's a new way to automatically send your Google+ posts to Twitter and (ugh) facebook.

I'm on the +Mike Elgan diet meaning that almost all of my content is done here on Google+. Then I pipe it automatically to Twitter and facebook.

+Linda Lawrey told me about +ManageFlitter which is good and it is what most people use. But I think I found something better: +Friends+Me.

Up until now I would use ManageFlitter to grab my Google+ posts and send them to Twitter and then facebook's Twitter app would grab them from there. But as you see in the pic below, that ain't pretty.

Now +Friends+Me sends my posts to both places and formats them very nicely. The posts on facebook look like they were originated there.

Here is why I recommend you give Friends+Me a try:

•  The posts on facebook look MUCH better
•  Friends+Me checks your feed and posts every 5 minutes. ManageFlitter refreshes every 30 minutes unless you pay. That's a big deal when I am covering breaking news or encouraging people to check out a live stream, etc. (Friends+Me plans to have a paid tier in the future which will offer 1 minute refreshes. I'd happily pay for that.)
•  It can post to your timeline and facebook pages
•  It supports Twitter Cards

Thanks to Friends+me's developer +Alois Bělaška for urging me to check it out. I have officially made the switch!

Google+ Page:  +Friends+Me  
More Comparisons Between the Services:

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Natural Ways to Stop Excessive Hair Loss

Reshared post from +Yes I Know That

Natural Ways to Stop Excessive Hair Loss
If you have long hair, you know you shed a lot, even with short hair, there are hairs on your sweaters, on your pillows, in your drain. Normal hair shedding is 50-100 each day. Shedding more hair than this is excessive, this can be caused by diet, stress, high androgen birth control pills, post pregnancy, menopause, thyroid disorders, and autoimmune diseases; the most common cause, however, is bacteria and fungus.

That sounds pretty gruesome, and there are ways to combat this. For starters, loosen up! Lack of air to the scalp provides a damp environment, which makes a breeding ground for bacteria, things like weaves, extensions, tight buns, ponytails, hats, and head wraps are the most common culprits, also, lack of oxygen to the scalp weakens the hair follicles.

Product buildup and and infrequent washing may also contribute to this, with infrequent washing dust can build up on the scalp, there are many factors to how often you should wash your hair, anywhere from twice a week to once a month is the norm.

Garlic can improve your scalp health and strengthen your hair. To use it blend with your conditioner into a paste, apply to scalp, cover with plastic, leave on for one hour and shampoo as usual. You can also take an oral garlic supplement, it will take about a month to show a difference.

Coconut oil is high in lauric acid, which counteracts the microbial action from dust, it will also tame frizz, apply to scalp, leave sit for 20-30 minutes, shampoo as usual. To tame flyaways you can rub a little between your palms and smooth through hair as you would a serum.

Keep your hair healthy, beautiful, and as much as possible still with you

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Panduan untuk memasang modul CIFS di Nexus 7 :…

Panduan untuk memasang modul CIFS di Nexus 7 :

Modul CIFS memungkinkan Nexus 7 untuk konek & mount Windows Shares.

Modul CIFS ini ternyata tidak disertakan oleh Google di kernelnya Nexus 7….dan saya kebingungan kenapa app CifsManager selalu gagal mount NAS di rumah, heh 🙂

Alternatifnya adalah menggunakan app "ES File Manage", opsi "LAN" nya memungkinkan untuk konek ke Windows Shares (tapi tidak mount)

Nexus 7 Tutorial: Use Network Share as a Mount Point | Review Lagoon
UPDATED TO WORK ON JELLYBEAN 4.1.2! This tutorial requires your Nexus 7 have ROOT access. It is an intermediate difficulty level tutorial. The Nexus 7

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